The Flickstackr for iDevices


The Flickstackr for iDevicesI am one of the many people who use Flickr. I love using it for sharing one image a day from my photo shoots.  It’s a great thing to have for things like blogs and hosting. I bought an iPad and iPhone and really wanted to find an application that offered what Flickr does and I found just what I was looking for.

The newest version of Flickr for my iDevices is called Flickstackr. It is a universal application that can be used on my iPhone and my iPod which is something I definitely love.

The Main Functions

There are a plethora of things to explore on the Flickstackr application. You can take a peek at recent images and activity from others on your contact list, collections, photo streams, your favorites and contacts, profiles and groups.  Flickr offered me these same features. If an application can’t perform a normal range of functions, I won’t really even consider using it.  You can look at your pictures suing a list view or you can use thumbnails. When I use thumbnails, it’s really easy for me to take a quick look at what I’m working with and take my favorites out of a “stack” of pictures.  Looking at your pictures on a list will allow you to view the individual who shot the picture. When you first upload pictures onto your iPod, you can make brand new sets.

Some of the Newer Stuff

“The Stack” is a completely new feature you can’t get with Flickr or anywhere else for that matter.  If you have a group of particular photos that you are fond of, you can put them in “the stack”  to enjoy and pawn over later. You can use The Stack offline as well! You don’s have to be connected to the Internet to make sure your photos are saved to a special place. This is a great addition! If I need a little bit of “pumping up” for a photo shoot, I can flip through The Stack to get my steam running again. Some of the photos will keep me motivated time and time again and help me think of new ideas I can use to incorporate into my shoot. And I don’t even have to be online!

Some Things I Would Love to See Added To Flickstackr

No real big news here. I don’t see anything on this application that has raised any red flags with me. What it says it performs, it does. Only a few things could make this application better.  Flickr lets me add photos to a group pool, whereas Flickstackr does not. As an image administrator, this feature is very important to my cause. I would like to see this added in the future. Group discussions should be a bug part of the application as well. These are tiny little things that would make this application 100% for myself and others who use it on the iPad. The price is a very modest $1.99, which is super cheap for what it supplies. If you have an iPad (and Flickr on other iDevices) you should definitely consider using Flickstackr.

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