Digital Photo Frames and Commercial Advertising


Digital photo frames can be used for more things than just a way to show off your three hundred and two baby pictures, and they have great applications when it comes to commercial use. They make in-house advertising very easy to achieve. Good frames for digital advertising have large screens, good resolution, the ability to play videos and music, and large internal memories. Though these frames are quite expensive, they will pay for themselves soon because you will save money on other forms of advertising.

Advertising your Business, Sales, and Promotions

You can put more than photos on a digital photo frame, and they will show computer generated images like ads as well. These images usually have to be JPEGs or another common image type. This means that with a little computer knowledge, you can create all sorts of advertisements for your frame. You can stay with some simple images, such as your business’s name and logo. You can intersperse those images among photos of your staff and your customers.

You can also use your digital photo frame exclusively for advertising. For example, your store sells furniture. You can have one of these frames on your sales desk or mounted on the front windows of the store so that people outside can see them. You can load your frame with images of your business, your new arrivals, and information about your next sale. If you own a restaurant, you can use one of these frames at the host/hostess station to advertise the day’s specials. The number of ways that you can use these frames are almost limitless.

Advertising Other Businesses

You can even make some extra money by advertising other businesses. For example, you own a business in a strip mall with six stores. If all six store owners decide to buy digital photo frames, you can all advertise your own businesses and each other’s businesses. If another business does not want to invest in a frame or it just won’t work in their store, you can offer to advertise for them for a small fee. You will need to store the images from other businesses on SD cards or USB drives to easily transfer them to your frame. It is helpful to have a frame with internal memory because you can store images directly on the frame without having to keep a storage device (like a USB drive) plugged in at all times.

No matter what level of advertising you decide to do, you will be benefiting your company. You will also be saving money because you are reducing your printing costs for other forms of advertising like hand bills and newspaper ads. Most importantly, your customers will enjoy seeing these digital photo frames in your store.

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