Aspire 5538 from Acer: Great for Watching Movies


Acer Aspire 5538

For 15 inches screen you are paying less for buying 5538. It poses an image of looking very big than it is in reality. The CPU unit is not powered well, and the system has RAM power of 4GB, HDD standard of 320GB, and a big screen of course with a touch sensitive pad.

Appearance wise, it resembles Mac Book very much. The keyboard of this model is striking black with stylish aluminum frame and the entire unit is very attractive and cozy. There will not be any adverse review for its look and style. The cover of the case is not closing properly when locked for closing and will be awkwardly opening sometimes during travel. You could sense the plastic cover even though it looks truly strong.

You can type on the keyboard conveniently and the number pad is placed on the left corner. All the other keys are equally sized large and easy to operate except for the arrow keys (small sized). The touch pad is found on the left side edge. It depends on individual’s taste that how far is the location of the keys and touch pad would affect you. The laptop sits on your lap equally balancing on both sides. Even though it is not the lightest laptop, you can find laptops with 15 inches weighing less than 4 pound very rarely.

Initially I thought the touch pad would not be comfortable as my Apple system but I must admit that this piece is quite good enough to operate. The function of scrolling was responsive. Only the lower portion of the track pad was not responsive in nature. In my view, if I was given a laptop with such a track pad then I would surely go for replacement if its entire surface is not touch sensitive. The keys/buttons are good and prominent and each time you use them you have to first press the mouse button on the left corner (which is quite far) and if you are a right handed person you have to stretch your hand every time to operate the mouse button.

The screen is quite good and decently designed. You can watch a movie/video at its full length with its high resolution with 720pixels of processor, but the color and brightness is not very fair. If you want more of them, you can always go and adjust for your taste in settings menu. The picture is sharp and can be viewed from any angle clearly. The 5538 is the ideal device for watching movies or videos and is pretty good for entertainment.

For its size and price, the processor has low count of Hertz. The operating system is Windows 7 for this model. But I opine that too much of power it would be better if they have opted for Windows XP instead of Windows 7. The graphics is well suited for playing light games. The model has a moderate vision category but has a low powered CPU.

The battery runs for almost 3 hours and is above average when compared with other laptops.

This model of 5538 Aspire does not support any outstanding features or awesome power. This would be superb for viewing movies with that big screen priced $550.

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  1. Aspire 5538 is superb. I wish it could have accidental 3 years warranty like Dell laptop

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