EX–G1 Digital Camera from Casio


EX–G1 Digital Camera from Casio

The slimmest camera which I have come across is EX – G1. And I bet this is the ideal choice of many users even if does not have quality video.

This model has 12.1 mega pixels with optical zoom in facility, and is shockproof, and waterproof. It is the slimmest camera available for $300. The major plus points of this camera is its slim and stylish look, and high image quality. The drawback is it does not support HD video and its port cover and SD cover are not secured properly.

The rugged camera looked strong and nice still Casio has not built this Ex-G1 with speedy sensors. Even otherwise, it is beautifully designed and slim looking will make good for the drawbacks.

This cute little camera produced excellent results when I tested for quality. As mentioned earlier, this piece is the slimmest camera in my opinion and is physically considered to be not distinguishable. When compared with Olympus camera, this one is even slimmer and also moderately wider. The corners are curved making it look still smaller and basically it easily fits into your pocket.

The manufacturer Casio gives one additional feature but eliminates another. It is saddening to note that this model cannot shoot more than 720p with good quality. Even though you can take shots with 1080p in video mode, it is not fair that you cannot place the shot pictures on television without any alterations. And again this does not support HD video is surely a drawback of this Ex-G1, when ordinary cameras also have High Definition nowadays.

The image quality is awesome in this model. You can never miss any meticulous detail in the shots taken. It stands first when pictures were taken in ‘Best Shot’ feature. But it stands last if you take pictures from closest view. You will admire the sharpness of photos and pictures taken by Casio in full sized form, which includes all the minute things and look more colorful.

The Ex G1 has a small LED light and is really splendid. It would have been better if it accommodates a button for hardware also, apart from the existing buttons. The outline of alignment is excellently designed by Casio. In case of Fujifilm the keys are mushy and in Olympus it is not easily accessible. Even for once, I didn’t have the chance of hitting a wrong button in this model.

You can open the IO port by slightly turning the dial. I come across certain extra things while examining this camera like its bumpers on the left corner which is an unwanted element. I feel Casio would have got confusion in placing these extra elements correctly.

The menu is capable and comfortable for changing modes like for example ‘best shot’ type which is rarely used. It contains a Micro SD as an alternative for regular SD.

Overall, I am impressed with this EX-G1 model rugged piece. This is stylish, takes super quality pictures, and is handy and convenient to carry.


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