How to Choose a Wedding Photographer for your Indian Wedding?


The wedding is the kind of event that all people would like to remember forever. Photographers can stamp sincere memories in beautiful photos that you may print or save on your device. Choosing wedding photographers in Delhi or in any other city, is an important step.

We’ve created a guide with aspects that you should pay attention to while looking for a photographer. Follow it and you’ll be able to avoid some problems.


When you look through some pictures, it might seem that all of them look the same. It isn’t so. Give consideration to works of various photographers, and you’ll see the difference. Some professionals pay much attention to details, others can catch smiles and genuine glances.

You may really like photos of some photographers, but their style won’t be suitable for your wedding. For example, you are going to have a lively party with bright decorations and lots of guests. You admire photos of the photographer who shoots modest wedding parties, but he won’t be able to capture the atmosphere of your celebration.


Nowadays, nearly every photographer has got a website or an account on any social media with the most candid photos. If you can’t find any of the works, it’s better to look for another professional.

Thoughtfully review photos in the portfolio, note things you like and don’t like. Is the professional able to catch vivid moments, or do people look too factitious and unnatural in the pictures? Portfolio will show what you may expect.

Make sure that the photos in the portfolio were taken by this person. It would be better to spend some time and do a small research than have awful pictures.


It’s very important for the bride and the groom to have a good connection with the photographer. A person may brilliantly catch every moment, work with light and composition, and at the same time be rude, impolite and unceremonious. Such an attitude spoils the whole wedding.

First, you need to read reviews of other people. They can write about strengths and weaknesses of the photographer, about the character of the person. Anyway, never forget that all people are different. Others might not like that the photographer isn’t garrulous, and for you it may be a great advantage.

The best variant is to make an appointment. You’ll be able to get familiar with the photographer, chat a bit and understand whether you’d like this person to shoot your wedding.


It’s very important to communicate with the photographer and formulate your expectations from the photos. You may look through some inspiring pictures on Pinterest, Instagram or somewhere else.

Photographers are great in what they do, but they can’t read your mind. Don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas and views. The professional may correct some moments, and at the same time pay attention to your wishes. It’s necessary to agree upon new ideas well in advance because additional tools may be needed.

Mention what locations and guests should be featured. Also, tell the photographer what you wouldn’t like to see in the pictures. It may be tears, drunk guests, and etc. Make sure that you can leave your mark on the photos.


Decide whether you would like to have a photographer only on the wedding party or cover all the functions? It’s necessary to remember that candid photographers require quite big amounts of money. If you’re limited in budget, understand what moments of your celebration should be captured.

You may choose a not so hyped-up photographer and use not all his services. Such a decision will help you to save lots of money that you may spend on the wedding organization.

Pay attention to the fact that many photographers are paid on an hourly basis. Also, all of them have various different hours of work (from 1 to 8 hours). It’s possible to find professionals that take from 4000 to 37000 rupees for their work.


Always stay cautious and remember that there are always some nuances about which you shouldn’t forget. Tell the photographer about the place where the wedding ceremony will take place. The specialist may need to bring some lenses and flashlights.

All photographers offer various numbers of photos. Some of them are ready to make only 30 pictures, others can send you 100 pictures. Also, discuss whether you may get unretouched snapshots or not.

Step-by-step checklist

We have prepared an instruction that you should follow while looking for a perfect photographer:

  1. Check the list of the best professionals on the website;
  2. Use filters and choose several photographers that may be suitable for you. Don’t sort out the variants by the city if you’re ready to spend more on the services. Photographers are used to air flights, and lots of them are ready to go to other cities to shoot weddings. If you’re in love with pictures, let yourself spend additional 10000 rupees and have pictures of your dreams;
  3. Look through portfolios of the professionals you like on social media or on their websites;
  4. Call or meet photographers, not text, and ask them:

?       How many photos you will get;

?       What services do they provide;

?       What equipment the photographer can bring, whether you should pay for it;

?       Can they make albums or not;

?       Whether they may help you with finding a videographer.

  1. Tell about all your preferences and wishes:

?       Describe what photos inspire you;

?       Mention what you wouldn’t like to see on your pictures;

?       Say what kind of photoshoot you would like to have.

If you are satisfied with someone’s answers, it’s a match! If not, don’t get disappointed while you’ll be able to find another professional.

The bottom line

Choosing a wedding photographer isn’t such an easy business as it seems. You can’t order the services of the first comer and have great photos. Looking for such a professional requires some time and effort. Anyway, following our recommendations, you’ll be able to save much time and find a person with affordable price policy, necessary services and style.

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