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Seesmic Shutting Down its Video Service, Going Enterprise


Seesmic Shutting Down its Video Service, Going EnterpriseSeesmic, a company that provided software’s for social media aggregation has announced that it will be closing down its video service by the first of December.  The announcement was left on their video site, stating the fact and asking individuals to contact them if they wish to have copies of their videos. It is understood that Seesmic is now hoping to target the enterprise market.

The origins of Seesmic took root in 2007 in the form of a video exchange platform, as explained Loic Le Meur, the CEO of the company. It quickly began to be called the video Twitter by users. Almost a year after its launch, Seesmic had gained a collection of more than five hundred thousand videos and boasted of a1 million viewer rate per month as Loic told in a 2008 interview.

While it has become a great means of social media aggregation, it is obvious that a lot of money goes into keeping a video site working and that too quite efficiently. Therefore, it’s no wonder Seesmic is planning on directing the money towards bigger ventures. This past September, the latest edition of Seesmic was released; this one permits the building of plug-ins which Seesmic Desktop device users can use.

While the new focus of Seesmic is great, it is yet to be seen how effective this new direction is. So far it looks pretty good. Not many up and coming companies or new products are capable of getting press coverage and the certain buzz about them. However, Seesmic has been fortunate to get lots of media time. One example of this is the SXSW 2009 Facebook backed, executive launch of the Seesmic for Facebook.  Another is the ability to gather a huge press crowd at the New York City Times Center launch of the Seesmic Look and the announcement of affiliation with Microsoft, where a huge press crowd was gathered.

Now, even with shift in the direction towards enterprise, Loic again garnered a lot of attention for Seesmic and that too immediately by several appearances with Marc Benioff, the CEO of SalesForce. Other than the obvious marketing purposes, it is very possible that SalesForce might be an addition the list of Seesmic acquirers.

While things may be rosy for Seesmic, question is what will happen to all material, links and media that have video embeds of Seesmic that will be broken. Guess is it won’t be a happy ending as it will be similar to what happened to the broken media and elinks when the drop io service was obtained by Facebook.

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