Handy and Convenient Printer: Selphy CP 790 of Canon


Handy and Convenient Printer: Selphy CP 790 of Canon

The printer CP 790 is cute and handy Japanese product capable of printing good quality images. Priced for 179 dollars this CP 790 is similar to the lunch box of a child which may not be appealing to all.

The entire printer unit is handy and convenient. The lower portion of CP 790 functions as a store-room which contains ink cartridge, paper and a chord for plugging in. It requires no additional space for storing these things and thus it is portable and convenient to carry to all places.

The operations of Selphy are guarded by keys or buttons and a navigation wheel for altering the photo size. On the upper portion of the button, is located an LCD screen which gives lot of information about memory card and complete details of the matter in the process of printing. You have the option of altering the size of display on the LCD slot using ‘Edit button’ in Menu. The control button for manipulating the photo layout, and calendar prints are located inside the menu button. Switches for altering the sharpness and colour of the subject are also placed inside.

You have to place the papers inside the cassette before fitting it in the printer. Installation of ink cartridge is also simple. The CP 790 can be linked to the system via USB port or it can be used as a separate unit. It is possible to load the photos and take print outs by connecting a camera to the printer. Selphy also has an infrared feature which allows communication from your mobile phone.

The process of software installation and set up was easy. The CD available in the printer does the loading work of driver and photo print of Selphy in your system. You can also follow the manual for installation of printer. You should restart the computer after installation is complete. The software of photo print allows you to take print out of photo and clip art and speech bubbles and frames.

After making any alteration in the photo you have to wait patiently for its print out. In the mean time, you cannot alter the second photo because the program is not capable of doing multi task simultaneously. While taking photo print you should not make any change with any part of printer. The software programmed in the printer is not able to perform more than one function at a time and this is the biggest drawback of CP 790.

Another error spotted with Selphy was it cannot work properly if you connect any external device with your system when the printer is on. It can tolerate only your keyboard and mouse in your PC and not any thing else.

The speed and quality of the printed image was good. But you have to spend more on buying ink and paper if you are using CP 790. On comparison with other brands, Selphy appears to be very costly printer. The printer is priced high, and the consumables are costly and the software is poor and all these factors make us conclude that CP 790 is not for all.

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