Cyber Snipa Silencer Gaming Mouse


Cyber Snipa Silencer Gaming Mouse

Quick Look: Cyber Snipa Silencer gaming mouse is the new kid on the block but struggles to match up to the tried and tested proliferating the market. Nevertheless we need this vital piece developed, not in terms of modifications but something outstandingly innovative, to match up to developments in other areas of gaming hardware. We hope the silencer will stir the pot to make it happen.

Key Aspects: Molded to look aggressive and right hand shaped. Has a sturdy macro editor with weights and grips, which are removable.
The Good: The grips on the side are macho looking and very nice. Gives instantaneous modes and switching agility for the DPI.
The Could Be Better: Does not provide reliable tracking, and the button placement can improve heaps and bounds. The configuration too is limited.

This does not mean that the Cyber gaming mouse is a bad one, but when you compete in the New York Marathon there has to be something exceptional to make you get noticed. Even though the price is small at $ 55,exceptional it is not.

One of the things we can talk about is the mouse’s form. Compared to some of its competition, it is large with a right handed shape and molded with aggression as a noticeable feature. You need to try a mouse to be sure of its feel on your hand but this one undoubtedly will require your full hand to hold. Its unusual shape does not give you many options in terms of how it is to be held. The issue is that if you’re hand does not like the way this particular mouse grips; you are sunk because there is no other grip method that is afforded to you.

Cyber Snipa has to focus somewhat more on button placement. The main scroll wheel buttons are fine. The buttons giving thumb control have a disturbance factor, as there is a small ridge just below the buttons that prevents it from getting pressed down.

The Cyber Snipa silencer has the lift button which helps focus the laser, a sensor feature unique to this mouse. You have to first get it correctly calibrated in order for it to track well. The mouse can be calibrated by putting it on any surface and then to jiggle it while the lift button is kept down. Once calibrated the sensor is reliable, but has some difficulty on a cloth mouse pad.
The configuration is simple and straightforward. The choice of turning off the bright base light might have been nice as it distracts at times, especially when you want to watch something touching or during a serious moment in a movie.

The issues with silencer are quite easily correctible and we look to the future where something truly innovative and new is made available.

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