8 Basic OFF-Page SEO Strategies For Building Your Online Reputation



Blogging is established as one of the most powerful strategies for promoting your website. You can create blog for your company and write relevant and unique content for it.  You can promote your blog in various ways. You can use blog comments – posting comments on relevant blogs. Usually you will be allowed to post a link to your website in your comment. You can also promote your blog as you try to submit it in different blog directories blog search engines which will help you to gain more visibility.  Creating and maintaining a good blog may take you lots of affords and time but it gives long term results. If you are not so good in writing posts for your blog you can hire a writer or look for guest authors.

2. The power of Social Networking websites

Another really powerful way to build your online reputation is to use the Social Networking websites. Create profile for your company/website in most of the popular social websites as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. With this step you will be able to gain online popularity and create lots of contacts with people, who can eventually become your customers. You can share important news and things with your friends. Just remember not to bore your audience. Try to understand what your friends are really interested in and do not bother your followers or fans with tons of similar publications.

3.  Use Q&A websites

Like blog comments you can answer to questions related to your niche. For this purpose you can use some of the most popular websites like Quorra, Blurtit, and Yahoo Answers etc. But you have to remember to give interesting and useful answers to questions and not be spammy.  Involving in different discussions related to your niche can help you build your online reputation and you can share link to your website in you comment so people can easily find you.

4. Get involved in forums

You can search for forums that are related to your website niche and start discussions, answer questions and threads. This is another alternative way to build your online reputation and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Make sure that you actually give the readers quality and useful answers and information. You can place a link to your website in your forum signatures (or sometimes in your post) which will help the search engine machines to crawl your website.

5. Search engine Submission

You can submit your website to some of the most popular Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. In this way you will eventually get more visibility and make the search engines notice and crawl your website faster.

6. Directory submission

Directory submission is a controversial method and most of the people think that there is no more use of it.  It’s a slow process but at the end it still gives results. The best way is to submit your website to some of the most popular niche directories.

7. Article submission

Article submission is one of the most famous methods for promoting your website in different directories. Although submitting articles in different article directories is slow and unsecure process, it can still bring traffic and links to your website.  For this purpose you can use different directories as GoArticles, Ezinemark, Basearticles etc.

8. PPC advertising

In case that you can afford it it’s a great idea to involve PPC advertising for your marketing campaign with targeted keywords for your website. There are various PPC advertising platforms that you can use as Facebook, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Yahoo Adds etc. But developing a PPC advertising campaign by yourself could take lots of efforts and time and it’s not a bad idea to consider hiring professionals that will run your campaigns.

This article was written by Vasilena Trendafilova, who is currently working as a SEO Specialist. She is interested in SEO, online marketing, and social media websites. If you want to read more of her tips and ideas regarding SEO you can follow her on Twitter.

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