6 SmartPhone Apps For Tattoo Inspiration


Tattoo artists are always trying to stay on the cutting edge. Not only do tattoo artists need to keep up with developments in equipment, sanitation and technology, but artists must also concern themselves with graphic design and artistic trends. A portfolio that reflects old, outdated design trends can mean the difference between lots of referrals and big business, and an empty chair. Thankfully, tattoo artists and other graphic artists can stay abreast of styles, trends and advances in graphic design quickly and easily these days with these sleek smart-phone apps.

Art Apps

Both the Apple Store and the Android Market host a number of ink apps that allow users to share pictures, tips and advice on everything body art related. The Art of Tattoo app by Tonee, for example, allows users to upload pictures of their ink and share them with the world. Viewers can browse tattoos and bookmark designs they like.

HD Tattoo Designs Catalog by Escargot Studios is one of the most popular tattoo apps in the Apple Store. With a wealth of high-definition pictures of tattoo designs, HD Tattoo Designs Catalog is a sleek, organized application. It’s simplicity allows user to browse literally millions of designs in just a few minutes.

TatTap is perhaps the most comprehensive of tattoo related smart phone apps available today. Not only does TatTap provide picture sharing, search by categories, and an extensive collection of celebrity tattoo shots, it takes information sharing a step further. Users are able to provide reviews for tattoo artists and locations and with location-aware mapping. The application can direct users to the nearest parlor. This application also allows the user to upload potential art onto a picture of themselves to “sample” the tattoo before getting inked forever.

Graphic Design Apps

Tattoo artists stand to benefit immensely from apps marketed to traditional graphic designers as well. Brushes, an app available for $4.99 in the Apple Store, allows artists and designers to upload paintings and edit them using a variety of tools. This is a great app for working on designs on the go.

Color View Finder is an excellent app when working on large designs like sleeves or back work. This handy app lets users develop intricate color palettes and save them, share them or send. This app is particularly useful when working on realistic color designs. Users can upload photos and determine the main colors represented in the picture.

Finally, there is, of course, Adobe Photoshop Express. A light, smartphone friendly version of Adobe Photoshop, no artist should be without this powerful app at his or her fingertips. Upload designs and work with Adobe Photoshop’s effects and tools on the go.

Tattoo artists can benefit from apps designed for ink lovers and traditional graphic designers alike. Staying current in trends, and having the ability to work on designs when away from the shop is essential for tech savvy tattoo artists. Keeping your app library up to date is as important as keeping your in-house equipment current. Thankfully, with a smartphone, tattoo artists can work and keep on the cutting edge with just a few finger swipes.

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