Pregnant Moms Using Mobile Phones May Put Babies at Risk


The researchers from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Aarhus Denmark have conducted a large scale study focusing on the effects of mobile phone use of pregnant women to their babies.

There were 13,519 pwomen who participated in the study. All of them gave birth in Denmark back in the latter years of 1990s. Their mobile phone habits have been observed and recorded. The mobile phone usage of their children were also observed and recorded up until the children reached seven years of age. A decade ago, mobile phones were not as extensively used now which means that approximately half of the women who participated in the study were not able to or rarely used mobile phones while they were pregnant.

Pregnant Moms Using Mobile Phones May Put Babies at Risk

Results showed that pregnant women who used their mobile phones two to three times every day have a 54 percent chance of giving birth to children who manifest behavioural problems when they reach the age when they start going to school. There is greater risk for developing behavioural problems as the mother frequently uses mobile phones during the period of pregnancy.

In the same light, children who used mobile phones at a very young age are 80 percent likely to develop behavioural problems, 25 percent likely to develop emotional problems, 34 percent likely to experience difficulty socializing with their peers, 35 percent likely to become hyperactive, and 49 percent likely to manifest conduct problems.

This study was published in theournal Epidemiology.

According to Leeka Kheifets from UCLA, “There is no consistent evidence of a causal relationship between exposure to radiofrequency fields [including those from mobile phones] and any adverse health effect.”

Kheifets originally was skeptical of the relationship between mobile phone usage and behavioural problems but the results of their study show otherwise.

While there has been a link between growth and development problems with smoking, family history of mental illness or socioeconomic status, the researchers were able to correct the study for these confounding factors, thus putting more significance to the results rendered by the study.

Researchers were able to point out that the biological mechanism of mobile phones and behavioural problems have not been explored. This is a recommended jump off point for further studies and exploration.  The researchers also advised that the results should be interpreted with caution so as not to cause confusion with the general public.

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