Top 5 Green Apps That Would Make Your Life Better


A lot of people finally realized that nature is important and global warming is actually real. Living in a polluted city has a lot of downsides; there is no fresh air and no forests around, you cannot enjoy the beauty of wildlife unless you go to some remote places. As a result people got disconnected from the nature. That’s why environmentally friendly initiatives mushroomed around big cities making our life better. A lot of people recycle their waste and re-use shopping bags, but is it really enough? If you want to take your green lifestyle one step further, then you should start using different green apps on your smartphone. Environmental awareness is one of the important stepping-stones on the way to improvement our lifestyles.

1.     How Green is Your Car?

With Green Gas Saver app you will be able to monitor your fuel efficiency and speed limit. The app analyzes your acceleration and turning. It will help you save money on fuel and teach you drive safely.

GreenMeter app also measures your car’s acceleration, fuel efficiency and engine power based on the iPhone’s accelerometer. In order to use this app you need to indicate the average fuel cost, weather conditions, and your vehicle parameters. This information is used to calculate the environmental impact of your car. If you accelerate too fast the app would turn red and notify you about it.
2.     Pollution Meter

Pollution app measures the condition of air, water and soil in your area based on the emission information from businesses and plants, not the households and cars. It also provides an overview on major emissions and health impact of pollutants. Pollution app tracks your location in the USA or Europe and gives you a detailed report on the surrounding environment.

3.     Good Guide

With GoodGuide app you will be able to identify environmental friendly items in your groceries store. Scan the barcode of an item and see how ‘green’ it is for the environment. If you care about nutritional value, animal testing, energy efficiency or healthy ingredients the app would give you a detailed report on these issues. For example if you don’t want to buy animal tested cosmetics the app will notify you if the product satisfies your criteria.

4.     Green Genie

This app allows you to lead a healthy lifestyle with minimum harm to the environment. It provides a complete guide of ‘green’ tips. For example, bring your own groceries bag when you go shopping, this way you would not need to buy plastic bags. It will give you a complete list of green organizations in your area and help you manage your recycling. It is the best great app for environmental dummies.

5.     Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science app is a compilation of facts about climate change and environment. You can find a list of common arguments supported by climate skeptics and a list of smart counterarguments that you can use in a debate. It will help you fight against the common ignorant believes with elegant scientific argumentation based on scientific papers and research. No one can beat that.

Guest post by contributing author Richard O., written on behalf of Edrnet. Environmental Data Resourses Inc offers a unique social networking site and information source, Commonground, where you can find over 7,000 environmental due diligence and commercial real estate professionals.

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