The Father of Computer Dennis Ritchie


The invention of the Unix operating system as well as programming language C was made a successful by Dennis Ritchie which facilitated the formation of internet, e-banking, smart phones in addition to modem computer software.  Dennis Ritchie died when he was seventy years old.

The Father of Computer Dennis RitchieHe was confirmed dead after suffering fro illness for a long period of time. His earlier workmate Rob Pike, a software engineer, updated this information online.  In his statement he stated, (“I trust there are people here who will appreciate the reach of his contributions and mourn his passing appropriately. He was a quiet and mostly private man, but he was also my friend, colleague, and collaborator, and the world has lost a truly great mind.”)

Contributions of Denis Ritchie

Unix operating system was mainly created by Denis Ritchie with help from his colleague, Ken Thompson. The system was among the first modem operating systems across the world.  It was openly designed and ensured flexibility. This is contributed to the enhancement of Linux, Android in addition to iOS which are iPod development.

Another crucial contribution of engineer Dennis Ritchie is a flexible C programming language. In this application he commented, (“Has pretty much undermined all the development in development in software and applications over the last 30 years.”) furthermore, Dennis Ritchie great contributions towards the invention of Unix operating system has been acknowledged by many across the world. (“His legacy is the rich suite of devices and applications that we use on a daily basis. Everything from televisions to phones, tablet computers, mainstream computers, online e-commerce and banking — all of these things we enjoy on a daily basis stretch back to the work done by Ritchie.”) A United States software engineer commented.

Other contributors

Other famous individuals such as Steve Jobs as well as Bill Gates contributions towards invention world were a successful because of Engineer Dennis Ritchie. This statement was made by an Australian professor Richard Jones form a National University School of Computer Science as well as IT.

Professor Jones goes ahead to acknowledge the efforts on other inventions. He says, “Other people have stood on his shoulders, in the same way that Einstein stood on Newton’s shoulders,”


Most people specialize in operating systems or programming languages. To be able to create the two of them really was the work of genius. Everything that’s happened since then – the internet, the use of computers – has been driven fundamentally by those two developments that he produced.”) his colleagues commented

Dennis Richard has is such a man that his death is celebrated because of his great invention towards technology. On the other hand people are still mourning because of the loss of such an important person. His invention has improved the lives of many people across the world.  The machinery invented has also contributed a lot in saving the lives of many people especially individuals suffering from illness such as cancer. Finally Ritchie’s death came as a shock to many people especially those who acknowledge his contributions towards the inventions.

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