The Best in Point n Shoot: Sony Cyber DSC – WX 5


The Best in Point n Shoot: Sony Cyber DSC – WX 5

This compact camera is available for $300 with features of 5X optical zoom and 12 mega pixel with high image quality and exciting sweep panorama mode. It is better than its predecessor Sony Cyber DSC WX1 which is moving rapidly in the market till today. It is getting difficult for experienced photographers since the features and controls cannot be made entirely by manual mode. It is an ideal camera for casual users.

Two Dimensional shooting modes

The new camera is some what different from the earlier version of DSC WX1 in some angles. It offers better shooting modes and altered hardware controls than the previous one.

It is advanced in having the zoom controls with improved shutter button. This camera also has superior video recording button located on the back side and it has on its top portion stereo microphones.

Apart from the menu in scene mode, it offers various dial modes like 3D shooting modes, background defocus mode and superior auto mode. You can view the quality of each of its modes by pressing the thumbnail images. Superior auto mode can be considered as an alternative for twilight scene mode of the WX 1 model. You can take six shots very faster at various settings and then combine the shots to produce a single image of high dynamics. The output is fantastic but still they do not look real.

The background defocus setting mode offers you to take in depth close up and macro shots. The set up works well if you are nearer to the subject and it creates enough distance between the backdrop and foreground subject.

Of the entire in camera modes available, the panorama sweep mode is the most superior one. You can push the shutter button and place the camera either in horizontal position or vertical and you will get instant panoramic image. Due to its clever focusing it is now called as intelligent sweep panorama.

The WX 5 provides automated settings for shooting fast actions. The quick access feature on the top allows you to take ten pictures per second. The program auto mode allows you to regulate auto focus settings. It also comes with motion tracking setting which focus the moving objects.

Three Dimensional shooting modes

The WX 5 is the only single lens camera which provides 3D shooting modes but with certain limitations and pre-requisites. By this special feature you can view pictures on Sony 3D TV by importing the outputs via MPO format file on the condition that your TV should have MPO supporting system. Landscape scenes are very impressive when compared with the shots with the subject. But for taking such impressive photos one has to turn the camera for 300 degrees for getting excellent shots.

The sweep setting in this camera is capable of producing illusionary effects in your images. This feature will not be used by many of us and it stands as just show off piece. The cyber shot WX 5 is the first camera coming with single lens but takes 3D photos impressively.

Adding a feather on the cap, this camera has better quality video than several high priced cameras in bright light background, and you have to look out for some other piece if you desire to take shots on low light situations.

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