Networking Couldn’t be Cleaner With the USB Hub and Adapter


USB Hub and AdapterIn order to effectively create a fantastic connection between their devices, one should look no further than the Wireless USB Hub and Adapter from Iogear. Costing just $199, this device has a clear advantage over other models in this range as the workplace can remain clean and clear, while networking is quick and simple across the board.

The four USB ports on the device allows for many peripherals to be attached to the hub, and the wireless dongle than can be plugged in means that there are only a few times when your workstation needs to be cluttered with wires. However, there are a few problems from the onset, in that the device takes a little while to set up, and the installation process can be rather time consuming. This is specifically a Windows machine, which alienates Mac users, and the length of time needed to install when connected with both a USB cable and wirelessly means that the time you should be spending being connected across the board, you are actually spending pairing up hardware and switching connection types. The instructions that are used are also a little difficult to follow.

The small size of the router is a clear advantage over other models, as many opt for the bulk approach to connect to the internet so that they can clearly see what is happening with their machines. OF course the small size means that your desk space is exceptionally tidy, proving that the device will always have its uses among the higher devices on the market. Despite the fact that there may have to be a sacrificial port if your devices are a little on the large side, the device is a strong one, and the signal is relatively safe when using a home connection.

The signal strength is important with a device such as this. While it can not reach the claims of 30 feet, there are still advantages to using the model by Iogear, as the transfer speeds are relatively quick, and require little additional fiddling with the devices. Of course, it works much faster when using a wired USB connection, but the transfer was conducted rather painlessly to other devices that were also using a wireless connection. The lack of interference is a clear bonus to using the machine, as it leads the way for instant file sharing across machines.

There are some flaws that need to be addressed, such as the stalling and lengthy installation times, and the fact that sometimes the WiCenter, which is the main software program that contains all the connection information, does not automatically update when a new device is connected to the machine. This can cause several problems when attempting to add a new mode of sharing, and can be especially troublesome when you are attempting to indulge in a spot of cooperative game play with friends. It would seem that the new age of wireless USB connection still needs lots of work before it can be properly utilized.

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