2TB G-Drive External Hard Drive


2TB G-Drive External Hard Drive

This is a superfast piece of hardware using the latest hard drive from the industry leaders Hitachi. This particular Hitachi drive is the first two-terabyte hard disk drive, which provides you with great space and the ability to access data fast.

If hard drives could have good looks this is it. Housed similar to the current Mac books, it is cased in aluminum and sits on top of a heat sink of average dimensions, which weighs a little less than 3 lbs. It contains an activity light so bright it is as good as a pulsating searchlight fitted poignantly in the front end of the hard drive. Nicely crafted with each piece manufactured in aluminum, it is conjoined using screws, which are counter –sunk. The hard drive looks simple, solid and even pleasing. Please take heed of the warning that your guarantee will be void should you take it apart. This is specialty equipment and best left to be handled by specialist. Especially considering that experimenting with DIY repairs can mean the loss of hundreds of dollars.

Fast and furious is the need of the day. Looking good is simply of no consequence, if the need that is intended to be fulfilled by this piece of hardware is not met. A test transferring a large file through it allayed all fears and came out with good comparative benchmark figures.

Other than infrequent clicks this hardware, which attempts to quench the ever growing need for performance hard drives can be considered significantly quieter than others. This could well be due to the sturdy aluminum casing together with the feet padded with noise reducers.

Mac inspiration is visible all over this hard drive. While its focus is the Apple users it is fully compatible to personal computers as well. By default the hard drive arrives formatted as needed and ready. However it also includes Windows’ Disk Management software, which reformats it with ease to NTFS.

Inclusion of back up software would have been a definite advantage especially considering the cost at $349. The manufacturers might have felt that majority of purchasers being Mac users; Time Machine is all that’s needed.

This external drive does its job. It can contain a large quantity of data and manage to keep its transfer speeds up or better than the rest of competition. What’s more it compliments itself placed next to an Apple or a Personal Computer. It is tough that the price at $ 349 sets it above most other hard drive choices and therefore beyond the capacity of some would be buyers.
Quite the mean machine the hard drive meets expectations. With gratitude to the hard drive from Hitachi it can a move a mountain of data without losing speed efficiency. What’s more it holds its own, kept next to a Mac or a PC. It is a pity that the price tag might make lesser options more attractive to potential buyers.

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