A Budget GPS that Works Well in Any Situation


Mio DigiWalker C230If you are on a budget but still need a navigation system, then many of you will be prepared to forgo several features that are often included in the higher end devices. However, there are some that can stand out and offer a decent GPS that works well in any situation.

Costing a mere $250, the Mio DigiWalker C230 is an intelligent and compact machine that fits snugly inside a plastic casing, but can also be used on a bike or while walking. Due to the small size of the machine, the touch screen is a little less bright and intensive, but the quality is still decidedly acceptable. With sharp colors and clear text, the screen is displayed in a manner that has an exposure setting to ensure that the weather conditions or the passing of time do not detract from the viewing of the navigation maps.

With the maps, you are presented with a clean display that shows the directions of the way you are going, and the speech instructions are precise. The sound is relatively loud, and rarely loses connectivity, beyond the more common areas such as tunnels or dense forestry. Of course, the satellite signal is decently strong, and the accuracy makes up for the minimal sophistication of the device. As the device instructs by both text and speech, it is an extremely positive attribute to the budget GPS to hear the street names being dictated. This means that you are able to travel to your destination much quicker, due to the fact that you can ensure you are on the right track.

The menu system to plan these routes can be difficult, as the icons are comparatively small on a touch screen, but there are many options to select from such as the shortest or cheapest route, or even the ability to avoid different road type s or seed cameras. In addition, the interactive device is incredibly attentive to the cultural diversity of many cities, with the use of different languages, time formats and measurements. Of course, the problem is that the screen is relatively small, and because of this there may be an issue utilizing      the touch screen effectively. If you have a spare stylus, this would be incredibly useful.

There is also a convenient feature in the C230 that allows for pedestrian routes, which is akin to using a computer or street map but without the need to wait for slow loading times or having to stop and read. Alongside the features on the mapping system, there are many different views and features that can be used for either amusement or functional additions. As examples, there are options to alter the dimension of the map to view in real time or the standard 2D, and there is a zoom function that will display roads in a clearer manner for you to easily navigate through complex areas. For a budget system that has basic capabilities, the navigation is enough to provide you with an easy journey.

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