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Project management software is the most important element any business or organization should use when undertaking projects. If this isn’t used then there’s a very high possibility of the project failing to meet its target.Businesses can use the high-end project management tools which are paid and often overkill to what is really needed.  Another option is the free and open source project management application but then they sometimes have limited features.

The best option that’s somewhere in between is a web based project management software. It has just the right mix of tools to help you get your project done right. Listed below are our top 5 choices.

Inloox Project Management Software

InLoox PM is the reliable and state-of-the-art solution for efficient project management – with the familiar user interface of Microsoft Outlook and of your favorite web browser. The many new and practical features in InLoox PM reduce the stresses of the daily project routine. InLoox PM Combines all relevant project management tasks in a central platform simply making your project environment transparent and efficient. It has been designed around the daily work of project teams and balances efficiency with simplicity and functionality.

Genius Project

If you are a project manager looking for a tool that has numerous report options then Genius Project is your best choice. It has more than 500 report options to help you analyze every phase of a project in detail. Aside from this it also has scrum, workforce and a helpdesk. Genius Project is a great tool that offers superior communication among team members with the help of its social media tool. You will also be gaining the favor of your clients since you can provide them read only accounts.

Daptiv PPM

This software which is entirely hosted online counts its high customization feature as its main selling point. It has more than 150 direct integrations and features mobile tools for easy access when you are on the go.  It can handle any scenario a manager may want to implement with the help of its extensive modules. This is the most professional software available in the market today and will easily integrate into any system that you are using.


This cloud based management solution can handle teams located in different time zones easily. It can work well with other systems making sure that the data you will be receiving is correct and up to date. There’s also an advanced cost reporting and billing solution tool included. Tenrox is able to handle strict compliance requirements and easily integrates with popular financial, payroll and crm services.


If your team is separated geographically and having different time zones then it won’t be a problem when using this project management solution. Celoxis can organize any project data in one place and provides real time KPI. It’s priced cheaply and provides you with an unlimited number of client logins.

If you are looking for excellent project management software then you can check out the 5 listed above. They offer the perfect tools in making sure your project succeeds.

About Author

This Informative post is written by Hendrik on behalf of Inloox. In this Article Hendrik has highlighted some of the Best Project Management software available. If you are looking for an Industry specific solution than project management by Inloox would be your best option. You can find out more about Inloox at www.inloox.xom

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