What Makes Great Mobile App Design?


For a digital-based company, there are many business aspects to consider, but one that should not be overlooked is the importance of smart mobile app design.

More online traffic comes from mobile devices than through a desktop computer meaning an online presence has never been more important. More people are shopping online. More people own smartphones. More people are performing local and mobile searches, and a huge percentage of those searches ultimately lead to sales. Companies, nonprofits, and other institutions need to have a great online presence that includes a website, social media accounts, good search engine optimization (SEO), and, in most cases, a mobile app.

A mobile app is a powerful way to stay relevant with your target customers or audience base. It enables communication between your organization and app users, allows for easy payment and billing tools, and makes your web presence more versatile and complete in the age of the smartphone. To get the right app, you’ll want to turn to professional app development companies. They’re the experts that know mobile app development best — and if you choose the right one, you’ll experience the things that make for great mobile app design. Here are a few things to expect.

The look: simple, sleek, and friendly

Apps, like every other aspect of your marketing, storefront, and online presence, should be easy on the eyes. Form should meet function: users should feel at ease and like what they are looking at, but the look of the app should never interfere with navigation or organization.

In practice, this means simple splash screens, fonts that are easy to read on small screens, recognizable icons in menu systems, and attractive color schemes that fit the brand identity of the group the app is for.

The user experience: organized, simple, and helpful

We’re living in a high-tech era, but not everyone enjoys using the latest technology. Even in California, the home of the tech boom, residents find some technology confusing or suspicious. Using your app shouldn’t be an adventure: everything should be quick, simple, and easy.

That means well-organized menus, quick buttons that lead to common functions, and clear instructions for simple tools within the app. You want your app to be intuitive — if your app’s users have to think carefully about how to use it, they simple won’t use it.

The purpose of the app: for the user and for you

Businesses and organizations need apps. But do users? Well, that all depends on how useful your app actually is.

Apps provide companies with many functionalities that are simply not possible through even the best mobile optimized web design. These capabilities include direct access to the customer through push notifications. The app can also provide the capability to communicate with the customer more privately about matters that might otherwise be aired on social media or through an online review. You app can also be helpful with commerce functions like billing profiles and payment options housed within an app. You can get all of that from an app, but app users don’t exist merely to help your company: they need a reason to want this app, too!

That means that your app needs to offer customers something essential that will make their lives easier. It needs to simplify the process of buying things, reading news, or whatever else your organization does. Customers who might previously have had to get online or call to make a purchase or reservation might be drawn to the convenience of doing so on an app. Whatever the value add, there must be one! Meanwhile, your organization needs to temper its enthusiasm and not overwhelm users with push notifications and aggressive sales tactics. Balance is key: the app is for the user, after all!

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