iPad and iPhone Introduce Filemaker Go


iPad and iPhone Introduce Filemaker GoWhen I first ventured out on my business, I grew accustomed to using databases through Filemaker for my clients. In the past, I would have been considered an avid user of the program. It was great to use the program to help control a lot of my clients work flow and solve many of their problems using Filemaker Pro. I have my own non-profit organization called Macgroup-Detroit, Inc. which I have used Filemaker Pro with since I don’t actually own my own business anymore.  Everything I need completed gets completes with this system. There really is no need to add any distinctive features to Filemaker Pro because it works top-notch, but I could dilly-dally into some of the new features that have recently been added.

My Personal Database Can Be Accessed Through My iOS

There are now two different versions of Filemaker Pro. There is one for the iPhone and iPod and one for the iPad. The kind of work that you use the database for is usually more practical on an iPad, so that is what I got Even though iPad’s app is more practical, it does come in handy for some who prefer to use it on their iPhones and iPods. Filemaker, Inc. really took their time on the development of this product. This is a great application! The first time I got to take a look at the application on my own iPad, I was really excited about it. Details on an application ore very important to me. The Filemaker Pro will run on the right side of the screen while the other local databases will display on the left when you first log on. Putting my database online wasn’t a problem, so I was able to really concentrate on some of the features the application was introducing.  I started up the iPad after I got the databases up and running on my Mac. The Filemaker Pro was opened up through wireless Internet right off the bat and very easily.

What I Need, I Can Do Here

There are a lot of different things that this application can do for me. I can do many different tasks like adding, finding, editing and deleting records and changing layouts. There was some great innovation by the developer when the user interface was designed as well. This is great for anyone in administration and would be able to take on tasks like evaluate and taking orders and taking inventory as well.  Those are the tasks that I could think of at the moment , but there are surely more. Your own personal data can be dealt with very easily from any iDevice that can be held in you hand. If you are looking to start a completely different database, you should start to build your own via a Mac and not through Filemaker.

Taking About Money: Hold your pants, you may be surprised at the Filemaker Pro’s price tag. You can pay a sticker price of $39.99, but it really isn’t too bad considering what you are getting. The other Filemaker Pro versions (for the smaller iDevices) run at $19.99. I think if you are willing to fork out an extra 20 dollars on the iPad’s version, it should be universal for the other two devices. That just makes more sense. Unfortunately, if you won more than one iDevice, you will have to purchase both kinds of applications. Those are the only instances where I have a dispute with the charges.  If you’re not really a business owner and just want the application for personal reasons, I would consider just buying the Bento application.

The Conclusion

There were a couple of small things that didn’t go exactly as planned, but those things were nothing compared to what a great job it did with corresponding all my information. This application is extremely easy to use and doesn’t need much more at all. There is no way to print because of the iOS. One great addition to the app would be an Export or a Print via PDF. This would make it easy for someone else to view the report. If you currently own a business, this is a really great application to own on your iDevices.

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