BackFlip Kickstand iPhone Case


BackFlip Kickstand iPhone Case

Quick review:  A very useful case. Until you start using one you wouldn’t know how much you have missed it. A built in Back flip and kickstand is unusual but gives utility. If you think you do not really need this, do a trial, and you will rethink your opinion.

Full Review:

The need has been there to keep a watch on texts while sipping coffee in a side café, to be alerted even when you are watching the movie on a business flight. Since the normal cases did not provide the possibility of keeping the phone upright for visibility whilst otherwise occupied, the need of being in touch for which we buy smart phones was not being met. This would happen even when working on your home desk with paper work all over, and one covering the iPhone as well.

The standard cases are often purchased for their elegance and promised protection to your smart piece of equipment. They soon fall into the category of an add on having to be carried, like the blue tooth, the headset ,the power charger, the handset, and is soon left behind. It is a useless piece of equipment unless one remembers to bring it along. In the run of the day it is not unusual to grab the phone alone and walk out and then miss the items you have purchased since you left in a hurry. So bad memory, lack of time whatever the reason the iPhone is having juggling conversations in your pocket once again with keys, coins and what not. If not it is the sheer bulk of a phone case that puts you off. Not with the BackFlip Kickstand. It remains an integral part of your phone.

The BackFlip Kickstand iPhone Case is indeed different. It is one of a kind, which provides real complimentary utility to the iPhone other than protection. The stretch out or fold out leg or whatever you like to call it (Backflip) at the back of the case works similar to a stand up photo frame.

The downers of the case should also be made aware. To get the back flip back into the case is not as smooth as it ought to be, but can be mastered over  time. An irritating dirt collector gap is evident when closed, between the edge of the case and the kickstand. Provided you give the case an open up and wipe down once a week this should pose no serious problem. The price looks heavy at $29.95 on the first take. Considering the other leave behind options as discussed above goes at only $5.But a leave behind option even at a single dollar is a bad purchase. For a product that enhances the core utility of an IPhone the price should be all right.

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