Everything You Need To Know About The G-Cloud Framework


When it comes to cloud computing, many companies take advantage of this system. Cloud computing can have a lot of advantages for businesses who want to have access to their files at all times and have them backed up somewhere. The G-Cloud framework is something which was agreed between the government and suppliers who let others use their cloud services. Here, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the G-Cloud framework. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

What Is The G-Cloud Framework?

When it comes to G Cloud services, you should know that there are three main categories that the government has come up with to separate service providers. This comes from the agreement that was made by the government authorities and these suppliers in the past. The three categories are cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support.

Cloud Hosting

The first of the three categories on the G-Cloud framework is cloud hosting. Any company that provides cloud hosting services tend to offer their buyers the opportunity to manage and run the software. They also provide networking, storage and processing resources. When it comes to cloud hosting, anyone who buys this sort of service will only need to pay for anything that they use.

Cloud Software

In comparison to cloud hosting, those who provide cloud software often offer buyers applications that they can access through the internet. This software is hosted in the cloud, so it is only accessible through this. This is also great as buyers don’t pay for anything that they don’t use.

Cloud Support

The final category in the G-Cloud framework is cloud support which involves giving any buyers the support that they need to maintain the services that they are receiving. This is often needed as not everyone knows how to handle the cloud and the services that are used on it.

Using The G-Cloud Framework

With the G-Cloud framework, you can buy services for your own personal use as well as submit your own services to the framework itself. You’ll find that there are some guides that will tell you how you can buy the services in the best way. You should make sure that you use the right legal documents if you are going to buy something from this framework.

Can You Submit Services To The Framework?

In the past, people have been able to submit their services to the G-Cloud framework but right now this is not possible. This is because the closing date has recently passed by meaning that any submissions sent now will not be considered for the G-Cloud 10 framework. The good news is that the next G-Cloud framework should be coming up meaning that you can submit your applications in 2019. Make sure to find out how to do this properly and wait until applications are open to have the best chance. There are some guides that you can follow for this.


The G-Cloud framework is a very important tool that the government uses to manage different cloud-based services. The cloud has been around for a while now and so the services are always improving. If you are thinking about submitting your services to the G-Cloud framework then you should make sure to read the guide on how to do this and to wait until submissions for the next version are open. You’ll need to think about which category your service falls under, but this should not be too hard now that you know everything you need to know about this.

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