Jekyll & Hyde


Jeckyll & Hyde

The thing with gamers is that they are a picky bunch. Game reviewers too – probably even more so. The end result is that developers need to try and address an ever growing number of factors effectively to please their clients, in order to make products that are successful.

Losing focus on just one factor can scupper the whole thing.

Losing focus on several is downright disastrous. And that’s what happened with Jekyll & Hyde. The game tries to carry itself on the strength of its story alone, which just won’t cut it these days. This is especially true if you think about how many gamers simply flip through story to get to the action bits. You probably do it yourself.

Then again, unless story interests you, you won’t be playing this one. The story is actually pretty good, an alternate take on the famous gothic horror story about a doctor who accidentally transforms himself into a brutal monster. But in this case it’s not enough, because every other aspect of the game ranges from lacking polish to being downright anachronistic.

The graphics, for example, are not anywhere near where they should be. The potential for impressive visuals offered by the story is not matched by characters, animations or environments.

The controls, also, leave a lot be desired, and the voice acting is bland and uninspired. It may be a slightly older game, but the end product feels far too out of league with what is considered commonplace these days.

If you can get past the game’s flaws, the story is entertaining, when all is said and done. But that won’t be enough for the run-of-the-mill video game consumer, who expects much more from a title in this day and age… even if this game is a little older..

At A Glance:

Although the story is fairly good, the rest of the title leaves a lot to be desired.

Developer: pixel cage

Publisher: bit Composer Games

Distributor: Apex Interactive


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