The 13 Inch Long Macbook Air


The 13 Inch Long Macbook Air

Small Review:

You’re definitely going to have enjoy Mac products to use this device. It adds a great benefit for those people who travel and want a nicely featured laptop. If you are an Apple fan and want the best of both worlds of apple laptops, you may enjoy this one

Add Ons:

  • Display screen is 13.3 inches in length and is lit from the back
  • It weighs closer to 3 pounds and has a great sleek design
  • Has an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce 320M that has DDR3 RAM at 256 MB
  • Retailed at $1300 to $1800 USD

The Upside:

  • Slim and not heavy
  • Great picture and contrast
  • Battery can last pretty long

The Downside:

  • Some people will need  something more powerful than this
  • It doesn’t have an optical drive
  • The ins and outs are only limited to two

Our Sleek and Sexy MacBook

This product has already been reviewed once by us but I thought we would give it another go as there are some things I may not have covered. This is one beautifully designed piece of equipment. What I enjoyed listening to when using the Air, was the quiet sound of nothing but the fan inside blowing away at a very quiet puff. It picks up and starts up like no one business because of the state-of-the-art drivers that are inside of it. It only takes a MAXIMUM of 30 seconds to get going. Sitting this device next to a laptop would give you just about the same access to files as you would think because they share the same processing equipment. You’ll have a little slower of a processing speed but can expect an extremely picked-up start up speed.

You’re going to have to understand that it isn’t going to run as well as some of these other advanced laptops when comparing them to others the Macbook Pro come in at 3655, a 2gHz processor on a 4GB MP runs at 5695, a Sony laptop with 1.73 gHz and 4 GB runs at 4978 and the Envy 14 runs at 4463. These all run much higher than the Air which runs at about 3009.

You’ll get about a Maximum of 6 hour’s worth of non-stop battery but in most cases, it ends up being a couple hours difference in realistic terms. Usually I end up cutting the battery short so that I don’t run out while I’m in the middle for something because that’s the worst for me. It’s good for short traveling flights for business and such. Older version of this product have really disappointed me in the past as far as wireless connectivity and they performed, but it seems like those old kinks have been fixed with this new version of MacBook’s Air..

The best thing about purchasing the Air and what a lot of people find to be the most beneficial is the ridiculously low weight and the silky sleek thin design that Macbook introduced here.

It’s still lower than most to only have two total USBs available to use but it sure does beat the ridiculous past versions that only carried one. Because of the thin body and shape of this Air, it can only allow a limited amount of USB’s. One of the bummers about the air is that if you go someplace that can only be hooked up to the Internet through Ethernet, you’re out of luck. This doesn’t have any sort of hook-up for Ethernet. If you need a jack for headphones, you actually come into a little luck in this department as there is one on the Air. Nice features include the webcam and mic that are included on the device.

Another important part of a computer that is missing from the mix is an optical drive. Unfortunately, as soon geeks are going to learn the hard way, the smaller and more compact computers get, the more they aren’t going to have optical drives. It’s something that is starting to be phased out and might upset those who need their opticals.

Don’t Get The Air Confused With A Netbook

This model is why Macbook has such a higher user rating. It’s a great tool and uses all wonderful technology to the best out of it. For the most part it can pretty much perform everything you ask it to. If you were to look at other models like the Air that are close in capacity and design you might look for at the same price tag of $1200 bucks, you’re probably going to see the specs and the 64 GB and keep walking in the other direction. Then you’ll look at the upgraded one that runs an extra hundred dollars and think you’re going to get a better deal and low and behold you see that it only carries 128 GB and you still keep walking. Let’s look at this way, for simple none taxing things you’ll be fine, but as soon as it comes down to grit and power, the Macbook Air is lacking in that department.

This is the one downfall that will keep this device from going for in the consumer world. There just isn’t enough room on this thing to perform up to my standards and it isn’t even worth the low price to me. If I was going to attack Macbook for anything it would be this lack of space for us working people.

If you look for a product like this, you’re more than likely going to find one that suits your needs a little bit more and this particular model is just going to lose a lot of its appeal. For simple things I’m going to go for things that everyone find attractive for the same reasons, the tablet. I now there are a lot of people who have become affixed on Apple products BECAUSE of their quality. If you have to have it, go ahead but I guarantee you’d better save your money as it’s going to take a lot to get this thing running up to par.

People who will benefit From This

Macbook Air consumers can be summed up in one word, travelers. Although it’s NOT a laptop with lots and lots of space and memory, it also isn’t a tablet which is used for basically brain-dead reasons, it lies somewhere in between these two.

Going into this purchase ahead of time knowing what you know now would limit you to only a few heavy apps.

Every Air is going to maybe need some extra space (like I put on mine.) So the regular price that I started out at buying this thing at ($1200) has graciously turned into about $1800. So you can see why my bank account is hurting. If you add enough to it, it can become a great running laptop that can offer you a lot of, but you should weight your options because there are a lot of them out there and you could probably find a much better deal. Much like any other specialty device (like a Kobo), it’s going to represent a certain type of person that has a use for it (and no one else).

There are a lot of roadblocks and tests I am going to have to put this airy thing through still and it’s looking pretty bleak for a default copy of this thing.

Discussions End

I wouldn’t feel right if I told everyone to go out and buy this device and there are a few valid reason why:

Using Macbook has become an art for some people and they aren’t about to change, but their also not going to throw their backs out while lugging something around that they know they don’t have to. If you’re not planning of stocking your computer full of information and applications, this should work fine for one-sided solutions. You have to keep in mind what you’re going to invest in this thing even at a low-range of quality storage.

Knowing exactly what you’re getting into when buying the Macbook Air is half the battle, but knowing that that is much of what this carries, air, you won’t be disappointed when everything stops loading.

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