Manage Your Personal Finances with Quicken 2010


Manage Your Personal Finances with Quicken 2010
Are you having a difficult time organizing your finances? The 2010 version of Quicken is more improved with a user- friendly interface. Paying excessive monthly bills is a devastating fact! Income budget is a solution to organize all expenses. An overview of the financial bills, reminders, and payment schedule is easily accessed in the Home screen of Quicken. If you don’t want to miss any payment schedule or transaction, create or edit reminders. The Home screen of the page provides options for different functions that will provide significant data about your finances.

How to Set-up Quicken 2010

  • You have an option to hide or show the navigation tabs in the program.
  • Protect access to your program by setting up a password. This will secure confidential financial information.
  • You can also change the settings for downloading transactions, account, financial reports, and calendar. Choose the best setting that will match your preference.
  • You can apply different accounts in the system to manage monthly budget.  This includes accounts from savings, retirement, credit cards, checks, and investments.
  • Information about loans and assets can be implemented in the system. Easily track due payments for mortgage, car loan, or college loan.
  • Your financial sources can be directly transferred in your accounts.
  • Setting up reminders for payments is convenient and effective.
  • Tracking your monthly transactions, income, and expenses is instantly accessible with just a single click of the preferred category. Financial reports are viewed to budget income.

Multiple register accounts in Quicken are speedy with the pop-up register window. Compare registers by organizing the pop-up window at the side. Activating pop-up register is easy by just clicking the View tab, then the Use Pop-up Registers tab.

Quicken Deluxe vs. Quicken Premier

Quicken Deluxe is more affordable and has efficient tracking tools for investments than Quicken Premier. Quicken Premier has complex settings and functions for professional use while Quicken Deluxe is suitable for basic financial tools and first time users. Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Premier are capable of managing expenditures and taxes properly.

Available Features of Quicken 2010

  • Help Side Bar- First time users are easily guided with this feature. Just click a link in one of the help topics and an answer window will pop out without your ongoing work being interfered.
  • Pop up Registers- The previous versions of Quicken creates a new page when opening for an account register. The 2010 version allows suitable comparison of account registers without going to another page. Information about financial transfers are easily viewed and observed with the pop-up window.
  • Microsoft Money Data Conversion- Your money files in Microsoft can be imported to Quicken immediately. There’s no need for a separate money converter or XML files import.

Disadvantages of Quicken 2010

  • There are too many pop-up ads while running the program. Situations like this are expected from free downloadable software. A number of links about financial advertisements are offered during installation of the program.
  • The budget tools of Quicken are difficult to master with four tools available.
  • Settings and format for financial reports are not decent.

Quicken personal finance software is recommended for users who wants to manage their expenditures in their personal computers rather than registering for an online financial program.

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