Why Is Microsoft Office 2010 Better Than Its Predecessors


It is safe to say that most people have still not made the change from some older versions of MS Office to MS Office 2010. However, just because this is true doesn’t mean that it is good. Namely, every new version of MS Office has brought us many changes, and all of these changes have always been made with the end user in mind. Therefore, it is only logical to assume that Microsoft Office 2010 is much better than its predecessors. Here, we will talk about some of the innovations MS Office brought us, and why these innovations are important.

The New and Updated Ribbon
Microsoft Office 2007 blew everybody’s mind by introducing the ribbon we have all heard so much about, and those of you who have used it know exactly why this was a great move. First of all, MS Office 2010 offers you much easier and faster access to all the functions you need. Secondly, the improved ribbon also offers you the option to customize all the tabs in the ribbon, providing you with the unique opportunity to tailor your user experience and customize the tabs anyway you see fit. This is very important for heavy Office users, as customizing the tabs will bring you easier access and the best user experience.

Multimedia Editing
When it comes to multimedia, it is essential to mention that Microsoft Office 2010 took the game to a whole different level than its predecessors. Word 2010 features new screen capture tools, and PowerPoint 2010 offers the same. Aside from this, you are also able to remove the background on images, as well as do in-video editing. What all of this means is that Office is becoming better and better, and it is slowly but steadily removing the need to use other programs, such as Photoshop for instance.

Visual Perfection
Visual perfection is a very good choice of words when it comes to describing Microsoft Office 2010. Namely, this version of MS Office offers much better visualization, which can be the exact reason why it is much easier and much inspiring to use MS Office 2010. Turning any of the documents created with MS Office 2010 will let you create a piece of art, with tools such as color saturation for example. You will be able to create unique and beautiful Word documents with the help of a new feature called the SmartArt®.

PDF Writer
One of the best innovations is the included PDF writer, which allows you to create PDF documents from Word, which was not possible with the previous versions of MS Office. For example, with Office 2007, you had to download and install a plugin in order to be able to do this.

All the innovations featured in Microsoft Office 2010 are very practical, but some of them will probably require Microsoft Office 2010 training in order to master. You should definitely think about training and tutorials for MS Office 2010, as this will enable you to use all the functions that this suite has to offer.

There are many companies that offer Microsoft Office 2010 training. Its very important to choose the company based on their references and and other factors like quality of staff, etc. Abhishek works as a MS Office training expert and has trained more than 10,000 professionals till now.

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