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In recent years, many in the B2B marketing world wondered if mobile advertising was simply a fad or something that was only applicable when advertising to potential customers. The truth, however, is that it can no longer be ignored by B2B advertisers, as too many businesses are now using smartphones and searching the web online. One reason is that mobile advertising is often very localized, thanks in large part to Google Adwords, which gives businesses a much better chance of connecting with local companies.

Businesses Use Smartphones
Perhaps the main reason why B2B marketing works so well on mobile devices is that business owners use their smartphones for business related activities. Business never takes a rest, so these business owners are constantly using their phones to stay in touch. About 82 percent of all business owners and executives use a smartphone and almost 60 percent of these individuals would rather use their mobile device to connect than a traditional computer. This number is sure to grow, as the next generation of business owners and executives takes control of the business world.

Businesses Owners Will Search For Your Keywords
Another important aspect of mobile advertising is that these business owners are using search engines on their mobile device. As a result, if you have some well place Google Adwords advertisements, you can attract the right people to your business. Due to many searches on mobile devices being localized, these potential corporate customers will can directed to your website if you have are using the proper keywords. As long as these individuals are making business related searches on their smartphones, this industry will continue to grow.

Business Owners Make Purchases on Their Mobile Devices
A final point regarding marketing to other businesses through their mobile devices is that many of these businesses are comfortable making immediately purchases through their phones. If these business owners see a good deal, they are very likely to snatch it up immediately. This is what makes mobile B2B marketing so important, as these companies are more likely to make purchases through their smartphone than a consumer is. According to eBay, B2B buyers will make about $10 billion in mobile purchases in 2012, which shows the type of market that exists for mobile purchases.

Making the Next Step
If you do not have a healthy mobile B2B marketing presence, now is the time to create one. There are many ways to make money online, but advertising to a business owner’s mobile device is perhaps the most efficient. If you look at how much time people spend on their phones, it is easy to see why there is so much money to be made. Some well-placed Google Adwords can immediately expand your presence and will get you in on the ground floor of this new phenomenon in the world of online advertising.

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