What Equipment Do Fire Fighters Use?


As technology advances, firemen are finding that the technology which they use to put fires out are also advancing. This is an essential movement which needs to happen as this will increase what fire fighters can do to try and help and save others from burning buildings. Figures state as fire fighters have their equipment improved, the better a job they can do.

Fire fighters use three different types of vehicles, each one will differ in what it can do, and will all be used in different types of emergencies. This is why it is important that you provide as much information as possible to the fire crew so that they can get the right emergency vehicle sent to you.

Fire Engines

Fire engines are essential in any fire; this is because they carry hoses and water pumps. Both of these will play an essential part it putting out a fire. They will also carry fire extinguishers and axes so that fire fighters can enter the building to try and rescue people from the building.

Ladder Trucks

If a fire is quite high up in a building, then a ladder truck will need to be sent. The truck carries ladders which can be raised extremely high into the air, this will mean that fire fighters will be able to access the building from a height to rescue any people trapped in the building.

Rescue Trucks

Rescue trucks are sent to an emergency where it is likely that people are badly injured. The fire fighters who travel on this truck will have expertise in putting fires out as well as caring for the sick and injured. The truck will have medical supplies on.

As well as having different varieties of fire trucks, each individual fireman will also carry or have access to other equipment, this includes:


Ladders are essential as it will allow fire fighters to access a building a different way if the entrance is blocked or unsafe. It will also allow fire fighters to rescue people trapped in the building or to cut a hole in the top of the building to let out lethal smoke and gases.


A hose will play a big part in putting a fire out, as the hose is so powerful it will need two people to carry it. The hoses are very powerful and will pump water out with a lot of force; the hoses are stored on fire engines.

Fire Brigade Keys

Most fire fighters will be equipped with fire brigade keys, they are keys which will open any fire exit door, and this will make it easier when they are travelling through a building attempting to rescue trapped people.

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