5 Hero Electronic Components You Need To Know About


There are hero’s and villains in all walks of life, be it in comics or in the movies.  For any electronics or technology enthusiast here are 5 awesome electronics components that have won designs and functionality awards, for their “heroic” feats!

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1 ) MKP1848S Film Capacitors
The most remarkable feature of this component is its slim design (making it extremely easy to handle) and its ability to function correctly in high operating temperatures (up to 105C°). This long life film capacitor is designed to handle high RMS and peak currents. It can be used in renewable energy sources and solar micro-inverters, lighting &LED drives, and also for on-board chargers (Hybrid electrical vehicles).

2 ) VCUT05D1-SD0 BiSy Single-Line ESD Protection Diode
This is the best ESD protection to use for many portable systems, including gaming applications, digital cameras and mp3players. It’s been praised for its ultra-compact package, tiny footprint, in addition to its low capacitance and low leakage current of < 0.1 µA at the working voltage of 5.5 V.3

3) The Non-Contacting Multi-Turn Sensor
It’s no wonder that this amazing product won the EDN China innovation award 2011. Its innovative non-contacting Hall Effect technology makes it perfect for use in harsh environments and it can be used with a wide range of multiple output type including analog, PWM, SPI.

Another significant feature of this piece is that it can be set up at any electrical angle up to 360°. It can be used as a Servo control of an electrical actuator; it can handle the steering wheel for boats or electric vehicles, and it can be totally submitted when setting the position of a rudder in marine applications. Additionally, it can replace the multi-turn wire wound precision potentiometers in robotics applications.

4)  45 V Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Single Chip Rectifiers
The winner of EN-Genius Product of the Year 2011, this device is one of the best in on market due to its low forward voltage drop (down to 0.51 V typical at 20 A) and maximum junction temperature of 200 °C in DC forward current mode without reverse bias (time ? 1 hour) . Each device is offered in the power TO-220AC, ITO-220AC, and TO-263AB packages and every single chip can be configured separately. It functions as bypass diodes for protection in solar cell junction boxes as well.

5)  MPM Matched Pair Resistor Network
This one piece has several employments, especially for industrial use: process controls, test and measurement, instrumentation, signal conditioning and data acquisition to name a few.

The small sized device which is a popular resistor divides 1:1 to 100:1 and has tight ratio tolerances, in addiction to an excellent long-term stability: ± 0.015 % ?R ratio 2000 hours at 70 °C.

There you have 5 heroic electronic component pieces that every electronics enthusiast should know more about!

Bio | Amie is an electronics writer, writing for range of sites on different matters such as Newark – fluke products and vishay capactors.

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