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Before the dawn of social networks like facebook & MySpace, you were already a part of a tried-and- true social network. It was strong and popular, all your friends joined, there were never crazy privacy settings to fiddle with and it worked incredibly well as far as communicating, outreaching and keeping in touch. It was called email. Over the years, email has become even more sophisticated but even in its primary form, it was efficient and effective. As it has evolved, it has become more powerful and more useful, boasting a plethora of tools that you can use to do much more than just connect. Email, the most powerful social network you have ever used and been a part of, is definitely here to stay but many people are underutilizing its full potential. From storage, to research, to direct chat and even marketing, the email of today and tomorrow is poised to retain its status as an unparalleled tool in keeping things organized, safe, secure and accessible. You probably use your email every day, more than once, and many people have even integrated the use of the platform on their mobile devices, empowering it even further. If you want to utilize the strength of this social network for your business, you have to know the power it possesses and be ready to implement it regularly. Your business can truly flourish from properly used email services and we’re going to share with you a couple things you can do with your email now:

1.     Email marketing is an excellent utilization of the email platform and social network. Not only will you be able to connect with existing clients, you can reach new clients and foster strong business relationships with them too. It is an excellent way of promoting your products and services without exhausting your advertising budget. Simple and effective, all you need is original content and a user friendly format for it to be successful. is a great company to check out if you’re interested in exploring this option.

2.     Gmail is the most popular email service and within the past few years they have developed a wealth of tools that you can use to bolster strong business communications. One particularly useful email tool that they provide is the integration of document sharing. Now, instead of having to edit documents on your end and then back and forth them with your clients, GoogleDocs allows you to suspend these documents on their servers for more than one person to manipulate at any given time.

Don’t let the pace of development overwhelm you; even if all you need is a traditional message platform, email is still the most stable, most secure and most efficient way to go.  You can rely on storage for easy retrieval, encryption for security and all the other nifty tools and gadgets that you can take your time to learn to use. Explore your email today and see how much more you could be doing with it for your business, now and in the future.

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