Are you happy with your network operator?


Do you love your mobile phone and its network provider? It’s believed that how much you love your network provider is down to how often you use your handset for the internet.

On Device Research carried out a survey which showed that in the UK operator satisfaction increased by a staggering 22% by customers who used the internet on their Smartphone on a daily basis.

This survey was done internationally and along with these findings in the UK a similar thing happened in India and Kenya. India saw a 10% increase in satisfaction due to daily use of the internet and there was a 26% in Kenya.

If people used social networking sites regularly from their handset the satisfaction level seemed to increase.

Speaking with, Alistair Hill of On Device Research said: “As mobile media becomes more important to consumers daily lives, mobile operators are gaining more satisfied customers.

“Great services such as social networking and mobile games help operators to increase customer loyalty and handset manufacturers to differentiate themselves.”

Along with this it’s believed that some people would purchase a handset purely for the reason they could access Facebook.

Shockingly throughout everyone who were surveyed only 1% of these people didn’t know what Facebook was and only 18% said they didn’t use it.

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