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Do you remember your first television? A large box made of cheap plastic, housing a screen that sometimes lost colour in one of the tubes and had to be given a smack in order to change channel. It was incredibly heavy too. Do you even still have it? Well, you have the perfect chance for some comparison: some of these new TV’s really call to be put next to an early 90’s grey plastic box.

Remote Control

There was always that scrabble for control of the remote control. The living room was a battle field, and the victor could still be stopped by simply standing in the way of the remote, anyway. Since this time of grey plastic televisions and computers, not only have the televisions themselves come a long way, but the remotes have too. Around the turn of the century there was a great tool all school kids wanted – the TV Remote Watch. You could change the TV channels with your watch! Looking back at it now, it’s hard to think how that become such a craze. Now you can change channel with the remote or how about with your phone. There are also gesture controls out there now, including Microsoft’s Kinect, whereby you can change the volume with a swish of the hand. All of this gives you such control over the television that the device itself better be up for it.

TV on a Diet

So, from those gigantic, heavy boxes, you now have a television that fits into a tiny space. With a screen double the size of your old TV, you’d expect the packaging to be bigger and heavier, but no. Modern televisions are incredibly slim – just a few centimetres from back to front, while the screen itself reaches almost to the edge. These things are light and easy to move around – mountable almost anywhere, they’re tapping into this culture of on the go entertainment. As, from a choice of four channels, the average household now has an abundance of choice over their digital signal. Not just that, but they have the full range of online options. Yes, that’s right, the television is connected to the internet. We want to be connected all the time, and it’s only natural for the TV to join the party.

Legitimate Communication Devices

With this new connectivity, your television has become a hub for communication. From using it to Skype or by simply tweeting via its stunning LCD screen, you’ve really entered the new age of technology. Yet it does not stop there. You are not restrained by the choice of LSD or Plasma anymore, as there are more options available to you. From full High Definition displays that allow you to see so many tinier details to the state of the art 3D TV’s. Who’d have thought it back when we were hitting the TV with the broom – you can now watch movies and sports and whatever you want in 3D brilliance. The advances made in 3D are huge and you no longer need go to the cinema to see how.

Gone are those horrible paper blue and red glasses – well, most of you will have noticed, especially if you’d been to see Avatar or one of the following 3D films – and in their place came more comfortable glasses that allowed you to see normally when not looking at the screen. Some technology now even gets rid of the glasses altogether, allowing a completely immersive experience.

Whether you go for a 3D TV or not, you need to be able to afford it. What better way than by buying one of these amazing new TV’s on Finance. You can watch amazing films and scenes from your living room now, without breaking the bank.

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