3 Types of Online Training


Only 54 percent of students in the US graduate within the first six years of college. Now, more than ever, is the time to encourage potential students to take courses. And online training is the best option for mature students and even working people who want to further their careers.

Online training is helpful for working people or anyone with children, as it gives them access to important information to further their careers or their education. Don’t feel as though you can’t go back to school, because there is always a way to find funding and time. There are three types of online training; employer training, continuing education, and distance education.

Employer training

Employers, especially at large companies, can use online platforms to train their employees. Employer training can include courses for advancing in the company, or even learning different languages. This could be through an in-house online platform or through online training course videos from groups like Training ABC. Courses on safety, diversity, IT training, and even harassment can be taken whenever the employee has down time at work, or even when they have time at home.

Continuing education

Continuing education is an issue for many adults. The overall high school dropout rate has decreased, but it has increased in specific areas of the country. When the responsibilities of life become overwhelming and it seems like there’s no other way to advance, there is always the option of continuing education. Continuing education can start at any level — so if you didn’t complete your high school courses, you may be able to take an equivalency test and continue your education by getting your pre-requisite courses done online. Many accredited universities and even secondary institutions offer continuing education courses.

These courses are mostly done online and can sometimes require the student to come into the institutions to complete exams. Courses can be done one at a time to allow students to adjust to their school, work, and homelife schedules; this way, the student is not overwhelmed. Group work can be done online as well, with groups meeting on social media platforms to discuss assignments. This way, there is still social interaction between students, and they can learn how to work well with others remotely.

Distance education

Distance education is different from continuing education. Distance education is done through a post-secondary or secondary institution online. Students must apply just as though they are going to go to the institution, and then choose classes they can take online. This could mean that the students have to travel to the institutions on certain days when they have tests or exams. Or arrangements can be made with local institutions where a student can have the test information sent to the institution and an administrator gives the exam in a school setting. This option is perfect for anyone who wants to specialize in specific fields. For example, if you’re looking to get an Associate’s Degree in nursing online, then you just have to find an accredited institution and apply.

Online training is always a good option to advance your career. Knowing that some employers encourage advancement in the company, by offering training courses to advance into specialty jobs, gives employees the mobility incentive to stay with the company. And beyond that, nothing feels better than going to work knowing you’re doing something that you love, so go to school on your own time and fall in love with your career.

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