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Web Hosting: Learning About The Basics



If you want to have your own internet business setup, one of the first few things that you would have to do is find a reliable Web Hosting that can provide you the kind of service that suits your business. Having reliable and effective website host is a highly important foundation for those who are serious about website development. An effective web host is expected to be capable of providing you with all the support in terms of seeing to it that the site is up and running, installing specific features for your site and of course, making sure that your business is guaranteed of security.

A Web Hosting is required in order for someone to have an effective website that visitors would want to check out every now and then. Website hosting is being provided by an individual or company who has setup Web Hosting or computer servers that are capable of saving files of the website and responding to external requests created by internet traffic to view certain files. It’s the web designer’s job to send and credit files or install scripts on the server of the host. By then, the host will take responsibility in monitoring functions of the server, hard disk space, memory, CPU usage and overall, keep the server up and running smoothly.

The Features of Web Hosting

While there are a lot of Web Hosting that you can choose from in today’s competitive market and many web hosts offer various types of packages, some of them would offer more features compared to others and that is depending on the cost of course. A lot of web hosts provide features that would help in creating your website like site building tools and free templates. Others even include running scripts. Again, depending on the Web Hosting, you may get to enjoy a free domain name with your chosen package and the capacity of creating add-on domains later on. Most web hosts even provide list of email accounts which you can set as a domain name.

The Types of Web Hosting

You would have to choose first between types of web hosting and among the common choices are paid and free web hosting. Now, at first look you might say that it’s obviously free web hosting which would be a better choice. Let’s try to compare these two though. While it’s good to know that there’s free web hosting, this option usually comes with more cons than pros. If you would take a closer research on what a free web hosting is about, you would realize that this is not totally free at all. They will most of the time place advertisements on your page so that they can supplement the cost of them hosting your server for free. The ads or banners cannot really be removed and may obstruct the whole design of your site as well as those ads that you want to place on your own site. On the other hand, paid website hosts usually provide a lot of types of packages at different prices as well. Once you pay for a Web Hosting, you are entitled to better customer service that you might not even get from free web hosts.

How to Select Web Hosting

Now before you make up your mind on getting a Web Hosting and assuming that you already have a good idea on your website’s scoop, try visiting other sites that provide an overview of the various hosts with their plans on how to provide you with good service. Simply reading what others have to say about their past experiences with various hosting companies, you would get a better idea about server up-time, customer service and customer satisfaction. When you are really sure you’re making a good decision in choosing a Web Hosting, go ahead and visit the webpage of the host that you find like a good prospect and have your questions addressed by their customer support.

Joseph Smyte is currently working for Surftown and is part of team maintaining domains (Or as the Danish term is domæne).

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