Virtualization Spending In 2012


We’ve all seen the tremendous growth that virtualization technology has had over the last several years, some areas more than others, but overall the development has been significant. More and more companies are adopting some kind of virtualization project into their structure and are seeing some great benefits from it.


The question is how much will companies spend on virtualization resources this year? Some studies have been done on this and the projections are looking good for virtualization partners. Virtualization is expected to take a significant chunk of the spending budget in the coming year.

The main reason for this expected growth lies within the main struggle to progress in business agility. This was noted as one of the most significant reasons of those organizations considering to adopt this technology.

Another major playing factor was budget. Not just that there was less to spend, but that companies needed to maximize the resources they were given. Virtualization is expected to facilitate that well this year.

The last major factor, according to the survey, showed that companies are simply aiming to perform better for their mobile consumers. With the many tools the virtualization provides for mobile systems, this was clearly a major reason for adopting it.

Virtualization management has also been noted as an area of interest among expected users. Roughly 70% of those surveyed said that they will be using something to monitor the virtualized environments. For those who don’t already know which solution they are using, they are eagerly trying to find one. So, it’s clear that a significant portion of new adopters will be managing the virtualized environments within.

To give you some specifics of how much is expected to be spent on virtualization solutions, of those surveyed, about half of them said they will for sure be spending 25% of their budgets on these projects and about 40% say they are likely to spend even more than that. This clearly tells us that this technology is significant, and beneficial to many organizations this year.

Among the many reasons that companies are choosing to use virtualized environments, efficiency and agility have always been some of the key factors, and more companies are realizing this. It’s truly amazing to see something like this take its place in our economy.

It should also be noted that virtualization security is an issue. As with any piece of technology that becomes so widely accepted, security will be a constant battle. Fortunately there have been several solutions to combat this issue already, which, in themselves have seen a good amount of progress over the years.

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