Windows To Go with Kingston Data Traveler


The Kingston Data Traveler Workspace lets you access the corporate workspace from any place in a totally secure way with ability to store programs on the flash drive with Windows To Go.

This USB 3.0 thumb drive  is a lot more than just a mass storage device; with Windows To Go installed, you get access to a bootable Windows 8 operating system, useable on different computers: thereby giving you the freedom of working on any PC as required.

We will now go through some of the main features of Kingston data traveler which make it a worthwhile purchase

Main Design Features

As part of the design, this USB flash drive consists of a secure cap that protects the plug from any kind of damage. The data traveler also comes with lanyard loop which can be used to attach the drive to any keychain.


Technical Specifications

This USB drive of standard dimensions (about 0.65” X 0.9” X 2.9”) is more than just a storage device; it also works like portable OS & fixed drive (NTFS). Actually it is a solid state drive or SSD consisting of a controller as well as support for commands such as SMART & TRIM. The drive offers enhanced security in the form of BitLocker encryption, software for boot protection and also anti malware protection during boot.


Hardware Characteristics

The 32GB version of this flash drive has about 18 GB of free space which can be used for saving your work files and to install any programs you require using. This 64-bit Windows 8 drive has been made more resilient than a regular pen drive, and allows you 60 seconds to plug it back into the computer in case it’s removed by accident; in such case, you do not lose any of your data, neither is the work session interrupted.

Kingston drive provides sequential speed that goes up to 250 Mbps and the speed is same for reading as well as writing operations. Using the USB is simple, you just need to plug it in and booting starts from the drive and you will have to log in using your Windows ID and you can start your work within 5-7 seconds.


Accessing a Host System

 Another perk of using this Windows2Go Pen Drive is that you will have access to all the hardware present on the PC you connect your USB drive to. You will be able to access the full processing speed of the machine as well as make use of graphics capabilities without needing the files present on the computer. You will not be able to access the hard drives available on a host computer but will be able to use other flash drives or external drives connected to the PC. This system also provides safety from viruses that may be present on the computer you are using.


Hardware Requirements for Host PC

To use the drive, the host computer should have 1GHz of clock speed, 2GB of RAM, graphics capabilities (DirectX 9). Additionally, Linux machines with USB booting will be able to use this drive, but Apple computers are not supported.


We would conclude by saying that it is an excellent option to work from anywhere, safely and securely. The drive lets you use any computer meeting minimum hardware configuration requirements and is the most suitable option if you need to carry your corporate workspace on the go.

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