Five Tactics To Make Your Pinterest Marketing All The More Effective


The visual-laden site Pinterest continues to attract viewers and users alike, making it an excellent marketing platform for businesses. If you are using this pinboard style as a part of your business marketing mix, you can yield measurable results if you use it properly. More than just posting visually pleasing content on your boards, below are five other tactics you can follow to maximize the results that Pinterest delivers to your business.

Make your board titles short and interesting

Just like how important headlines are in newspapers and articles, the titles of your boards are the very first entry points that will help decide whether a user will commit more time to check your photos and links. Thus, when writing titles for your boards, make sure that you keep them short and interesting at the same time. Incorporate keywords that relate to your business or industry so that it will be easier for users to find your boards.

Include brief and direct to the point descriptions

Along with those compelling photos, it pays to add brief descriptions to accompany them. The ideal pin descriptions are usually between four and fourteen words so as not to distract the viewer from the image itself. When incorporating descriptions, make sure that you provide the right amount of information as to what people can expect to see should they choose to click on your website. Just like how you write your board titles, use terms that are relevant to your brand.

Engage with other participants

Just like other social networking sites, engagement is at the core of Pinterest. Hence, if you want to make sure that your brand’s presence will thrive on this social networking platform, do not just focus on posting visuals. Instead, consider running discussions in order to build community. Respond to other people’s comments and also ask questions to know more about your niche.

Display your business’s work culture

More than just your products or services, one of the best ways you can engage with your brand’s followers is to take them behind the scenes. You want to show people how your business culture works. You can use this tactic on Pinterest by pinning images on a board that is specifically dedicated to your business’s work culture. You might also want to showcase your employees’ contributions on the board as this will allow followers to directly communicate with employees.

Run a contest

Lots of companies use Pinterest to run contest or giveaways to increase traffic to their website and, of course, promote their brands. Create a clear image of the event that you would like to run as well as the prizes involved, so that other users will be able to see what they can win. Again, place the right description and use keywords.

These are just a few ways how you can maximize the power of Pinterest. If you will be able to take a good look about your products or services, it is possible for you to come up with other ways to fully utilize the site to your advantage.

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