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Once again, Gamelion Studios brings about a clever and fast-paced game of skills, action and running all in one neat package. Version 1.4.2 of the gaming application I Must Run was recently updated on April 2011, and with that, the 8.4 MB application is now made playable on almost Android phones that run on 2.1 OS and higher.

The gaming application is at optimum playability on XPERIA Play, and has already been tested on the following Android phones: Motorola Droid, HTC Desire HD Motorola Milestone, Nexus HTC Desire, One Acer Liquid, Samsung Galaxy S, Xperia Play and Samsung Galaxy Tab, although the game currently doesn’t work properly on the Galaxy S II model of the Samsung handset, an update of when it will be playable on the said model will soon be released. This game is deemed downloadable at a low rate of only €0.89,

The main storyline is focused on the hero of this game who escaped from prison and does all he can do and runs all throughout the entire city to save his wife. With only 24 to spare, and his wife’s life at stake, the hero must do all he can in order to rescue her at all costs from those who are holding her captive in the city centre. He may have to run through the underground stations of the city, or jump over gaps inside the prison buildings, or run and jump over cranes within the construction yard.

How to use the various game controls is pretty much straightforward and relatively easy to understand. If the player wants to punch opponents, he simply has to tap left. If he wishes to jump, all he has to do is tap right. If he wishes to slide down the path, he only needs to tap the bottom of the screen to do so. If the player is able to destroy a total of around five obstacles in a row, he will earn a score multiplier. Jumping to the right and landing on the edge also grants the player extra points. The player’s points will depend on the number of obstacles he gets to either surpass or destroy.

Graphic-wise, I Must Run is quite excellent. The game’s plot, characters, challenges and high-speed chase is also something that keeps it users playing it over and over and over again. It has a very fluid character animation, and its in-game backgrounds and setups are lovely, dynamic and well-animated. Even the other individual elements that contribute to the entire graphic setup of the game, such as lighting, police helicopters, and heavy rain are so dynamically animated that they further enhance the quality of the gameplay as a whole.

I Must Run’ full version provides fun extras, and there aren’t any constantly-popping ads. Three extra lives are also made available, and an App2SD support is included in the treat as well.

As a whole, the I Must Run application is one of those great must-have plays on your Androids that will surely put a test on your skills and abilities to keep on running and battling against unknown obstacles until you get there and win.

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