New Technology Connects Cars, Avoids Accidents


Carmakers and the U. S. Department of Transportation are pooling their resources to develop a new technology that could streamline traffic and help keep people safe at the same time. Dedicated Short Range, or DSR, is the automotive equivalent of a powerful Wi-Fi signal. Cars that have the right technology can use the DRS signal to sense objects around them, communicate with other cars, and tap into any infrastructure that is also equipped with DRS signals. In the not-too-distant future, your car might plan your trips for you and help you get there faster.

Cars Are Talking to Each Other

 Dedicated Short Range
Some new cars already carry DSR technology as safety features. These cars are designed to stop or slow down if they sense another object within a specific range around the car. That means that if you fall asleep at the wheel, your car will stop before you run into the car in front of you. When you’re backing up, your car won’t let you run into the car parked on the street. As more cars begin to carry this technology, they will be able to communicate their locations, speeds, and any other important information on their own so that you can avoid accidents.

Tap Into the Infrastructure

Eventually, DSR technology could be able to help you pick the right route when you hit the road. Your car’s internal DSR system can access information from the DSR installed at intersections throughout the city. If traffic backs up in one area, the car will show you where the problem is. Fully integrated DSR systems could actually cause car emissions to go down because there will be fewer people stuck idling in unexpected traffic jams. DSR systems will also warn drivers about construction zones, which might help lower blood pressure and reduce road range as well as save people time.

Emergency Vehicles can Control the Signals

Another benefit of DSR technology is that it could help emergency vehicles reach their destinations faster and with less danger through busy intersections. The ambulance, fire truck, or police car could be equipped with a transmitter that would change the light in an upcoming intersection so that they would automatically have the right of way. Switching the lights when they need to would cause traffic to stop in a much safer way than the traditional siren, lights, and crossed fingers.

Making Speedier Deliveries

The trucking industry should be able to use DSR technology to speed up their freight deliveries. The transmitters should make roadside inspections move much faster. Real time freight logistics systems would tie into the DSR system to help track deliveries and keep truckers on route to their destinations rather than stuck on the side of the road waiting for their loads to be weighed and inspected. Trucking companies can also use the communications system to help keep track of where the trucks are at any given time, which can make it easier to estimate delivery times for customers. is a site that educates consumers about car insurance and safety while letting them compare car insurance quotes to save money.

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