Live Scores 1.4.4 for Android – A User Review


Live Scores 1.4.4 for AndroidWhen in the midst of football season, it’s definitely essential to have an app that will let you keep track of scores. To be properly obsessive in following a sport, it’s obviously necessary to have a way of keeping track of all of the teams performances, instead of limiting yourself to just keeping up with your home team. That way, you can have an eye on the larger picture at all times. The free app for Android, Live Scores, is a great way to have access to all the information you need, in a very useful presentation.

Live Scores isn’t just for football; you can use it in tracking a number of other league sports – you can get results for the MBL, NHL, and NBA too, and also some soccer leagues. If you’re needing an app with more comprehensive coverage of soccer, there’s another app, Soccer Livescores, that will provide that for you.

The way that scores are presented is attractive, and easy to follow. You also have access to the schedules of next week’s game times. When a game is actually in progress, every 30 seconds the score will automatically be updated for your convenience.

You are also provided with the lot more detail about games than just a simple score. For any game, you can easily see such statistics as which particular player in a specific game scored, and in which particular half, inning or quarter. You are also given a screen with a narration of the game, play by play, and you can set up specific alerts for anything you choose.

You have access from the menu to the number of losses and wins of any team, as well as their division and standing for the current season, as well as a number of other statistics. There are informative articles in the section for News, drawn mostly from major networks such as Yahoo and ESPN. Useful as this is, it’s a pity that load speeds for them are not a bit faster – they are unfortunately a bit slow.

Overall, Live Scores is a very well-presented and attractive app, offering pretty much everything a keen sports fan could want, short of actually streaming the games themselves live by video.

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