Four Types Of Website Hosting: Which One To Choose?


Web hosting is necessary service that is used by any web designer to place a website in the internet. There are four types of hosting and you can choose the most suitable one to provide quality service for your clients.

Shared Hosting

This is the most commonly chosen type because it is the cheapest one. The array of services that are provided is pretty wide for relatively little prices in comparison with other three types of hosting. You don’t have to maintain or manage shared hosting. This is significant advantage when you deliver services to client who doesn’t want to take over maintenance of a service. Probably the configuration of the operating system or any the administration of website you need to set up are things which should be changed and maintained.

Whether you need to create simple forum or host dozen of websites shared hosting can be perfect for you. This method satisfies needs of the most users. But if your client wants something more than a website you should be aware of other three types of website hosting.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual hosting gives you an opportunity to host multiple domain names on a single server. This is more dynamic than shared hosting and hence more expensive. Web designer handles each of domain names separately. Virtual Private servers can be easier for users and configurable by them. Also such servers can be used if your client wants to provide website with highest level of security.

Reseller Hosting

This is perfect solution for web designers who have a lot of clients. So you can use allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host more sites for less money on behalf of third parties. Such servers provide clients with the full control over their reputation. The reseller can rent dedicated hosting services or resell shared servers.

Dedicated Hosting (Managed hosting service)

This method is the most costly and needs a lot of money and time. In comparison with virtual hosting you need an entire server without any shares. Thus you or your client will have a full control over the server. You can choose operating system and hardware. In comparison with shared hosting dedicated servers are more flexible. Choosing this type of server must be very thoughtful decision. Such projects need close and frequent cooperation between web designer and the client.

So if you are going to make a website for your client, make sure you aware of his or her goals to select the most suitable hosting service.

This post was written by Andrew Smith, Marketing manager at QArea Company. QArea is a custom software development and QA company situated in Ukraine. To learn more please visit company website.

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