5 Ways To Save Your Small Business Money Using Technology


Keeping your small business budget in check can be a surprisingly difficult task. The daily expenses and requirements of running a business are daunting and can cause costs to sharply increase before you know it.

Are you looking for ways to pay less taxes for your company ?

These technological solutions are a great way to drive the cost of your business down.

Be Social

In today’s tech-driven society, social media is king. Drive your overhead down by using social media marketing to reach your intended audience. Choose one to three platforms that fit the needs of your business and focus solely on those.

Use your website to link to your social media accounts and have your social media link back to your webpage. Make sure your content is up to par and be sure to interact on a frequent basis.

Save a Tree

Your small business will run far more efficiently if you ditch paper for electronic solutions. You can easily cut costs in printing and storage and be good to the environment in the process.

Look up electronic invoicing and consider ditching your lumpy old cash register for a mobile payment system, which can provide extra security as a bonus.

Head in the Cloud


Cloud-based technologies can and will likely save your small business a heap of trouble and money to boot. They take away the need to house and sustain infrastructure for computing services which will significantly cut operational costs.

The most obvious usage of cloud-based tools is storage but they can also be used for time management, generating invoices, managing expenses, e-mail marketing platforms, analytics and more.

Play to the Crowd

A growing number of startups are looking to crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms to raise capital for new projects and expenses.

Try using a service like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to help you find that extra funding. Many companies have been successful in reaching their goals via these platforms, which have exploded in popularity in recent years.

If you’re an artist or content creator of any kind running a single-person business from your laptop, consider checking out Patreon, which allows fans to contribute to you monthly in exchange for extra content.

Go Soft

Depending on your type of business, you will probably need to invest in software of some kind at some point and it can be essential to the daily operation of your business.

Try looking into beta software. If it fits the needs of your company, you may be able to use it for free until the final product is put to market. This is a great way to test first and invest later.


Simplifying your business and cutting costs in the process can be –well— fairly simple if you take advantage of the technologies at your disposal.

Moving away from old habits can be scary at first but will pay off big time in the long run when you see your costs dropping like flies.

It is the current business climate, making good use of technology is absolutely essential to running your business effectively for as little as possible.

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