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In their apparent goal to buy everything ever, the giants at Google have once again acquired another business. With a pricetag of $400 million, Google has announced it will acquire Admeld – a service which most people have probably never heard of.

Having never used Admeld (and being one of those people who had never heard of it) the best I can figure is it’s an advertizing optimization platform that is one part – aggregating the myriad of various options and services out there – and one part Google AdWords. There are seemingly thousands of different advertising platforms, dozens of different ways to advertise, and a continual need to manage those channels.

Admeld seems to have been able to organize all the online chaos by providing a platform to help manage all those various advertising channels. They bring everything into one place, allowing you a level of synergy and continuity that is otherwise difficult to achieve. According to their website, they also help combat the over-automation of most advertising channels – automation that can make the whole process disconnected from the customers you’re trying to reach.

So the process has begun for them to be acquired, with announcements coming on both Google’s official blog and Admeld’s website.

In Admeld’s announcement on its website, CEO Michael Barrett said, “we have no specific integration plans yet” which does give me a moment of pause. Of course, it’s possible that they do have integration plans but he’s not going to spill the beans; but it’s also possible Google is more interested in the company’s technology or the talent the company offers than some sort of significant integration.

All of that being said, the acquisition could prove to be very beneficial for anyone involved in online advertising. You can already manage your Google PPC campaigns with Google AdWords, but imagine being able to also manage your Facebook ads, your YouTube ads, banner ads you may have on various websites, and other marketing initiatives all in one place. Not only would you be able to manage them, but you’d also get feedback helping you optimize all these various campaigns.

A disjointed advertising campaign – spread across various different websites and channels – may come together in one streamlined, seamless platform. It could be a great boon for both large companies and small-business owners, even home-based businesses.

Barrett also said in his announcement, “Our goal, together with Google, is to continue to move display advertising forward and ensure that publishers stay on the cutting edge,” and it seems like each organization will be helping the other do just that.

Scott Spjut is a writer and blogger who has written for various magazines, newspapers and websites. Scott currently works with Professional Marketing International creating quality content for their clients.

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