Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 Might Disappoint


samasung galaxy s4Smartphones are not only useful at the personal level, where you can enjoy the various features of this device for practical and entertainment purposes. Businesses—both small to mid-sized enterprises and big corporations—have utilized this amazing handheld device in the performance of their daily business tasks. Almost two decades into its existence, Smartphones have now become an indispensable productivity tool in the workplace. So indispensable, in fact, that more and more companies are now implementing the “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy for their employees. This makes even your idle time (such as when you are at home or travelling) productive.

There is a wide range of choices that you can consider for your company’s Smartphone, such as Samsung, iPhone, HTC, and Nokia, among others. Your choice of the best Smartphone for your enterprise will come from the objective needs of your company. That means you have to conduct an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and needs of your company so that you will know what features you must look for in a Smartphone. For example, you might need a handset that has the best offerings of business applications or you might require a Smartphone that can easily integrate with the functionalities provided by phone service providers, an example of which is RingCentral.

One of the big names in the Smartphone industry, and which bagged the distinction for the best Smartphone of 2012, is Samsung Electronics. Last year, it released its most successful Smartphone yet—the Samsung Galaxy S3—which became the biggest rival of the iPhone 5. It went on to beat the Apple’s flagship Smartphone in terms of market shares and popularity across the globe.

This year, Samsung’s bid for a repeat of the overwhelming success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the Samsung Galaxy S4. This Smartphone has been hyped up long before its actual release, and is said to have a lot of good features to offer as compared with its predecessor.

But consumers may become disappointed with Samsung’s newest handheld device, not because it failed to improve on the S3 but because it failed to sufficiently improve on it. First off, it sports a similar uninspired design that makes it appear bulky and unwieldy.

Yet whatever the problem with Samsung Galaxy S4, no one can deny that it offers a larger screen display, a faster chip, a much-improved camera and a number of new and cool features and apps that adds to its appeal. But the question is, are these enough to propel this Smartphone to the top of the Smartphone race, as what happened to the Samsung Galaxy S3?

For sure, many would still purchase this device for its own merits, but also for the fact that it takes much from the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you are still open when it comes to the choice of the Smartphone for your company, then you may want to consider other Android phones or other operating systems. For example, Taiwan-based HTC’s most recent handset, HTC One, rates favorably among many experts and have gathered good reviews.

But if you think that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will better serve the needs of your enterprise, by all means purchase this Smartphone. After all, equipment and device purchase for business must not be governed by what is faddish, but by how much these devices and equipment address the pressing needs of your enterprise.

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