Everlands 1.4 on your iPad or iPhone


Everlands 1.4 on your iPad or iPhone

Some force is invading on the wonderful Ever lands world of animals. You have to save them from the threat carefully passing through level after level. This is what the game of Ever lands is about. The game is really difficult and challenging but it fails in managing multitasking.

Hexage Company is the developer of this game which is useful for killing your free time.

Your task is to lead the animals and protect them from evil forces. As you start playing the game, you have to fight with invading enemies from dark. If you are able to defeat them, then animals which are lost in the fight will follow your team and as a group you will move to the higher level.

Even though it appears easy to play this game, in reality it is very difficult to cross level and face challenges ahead of you. Each animal has different skills and specific strength and each one is capable of attacking you from different directions.

The game is more complex than your imagination. For a beginner, it is very hard and strange to remember the strength and points of each animal and you will be loosing the game for number of times. And it takes some time to master and remember the points. After that you can enjoy this game thoroughly. For example, a wounded bear will have an added value of 3 but ordinary bear will have 2 as its value. Similarly if you place an elephant in the midst of animal group, then all the animals will get one point added automatically.

Suppose if any animal is weakened to its maximum limit, then it joins opposite team with full strength. You are clearing one level, if your team has 50% of spaces occupied.

Once you get involved into it, it is difficult to overcome the temptation of switching off the game. It is appealing to all the users and everyone enjoys the full vigor of the game. In the beginning, you may find it difficult and confusing sometimes. The tutorial provided should be read number of times and it gives guidance even when you are playing.

It comes with double player feature in which you and another person can play simultaneously in a single device taking turns. This feature is really appreciable by many users.

With all the above features, the game is certainly not without flip. The app fails to mange multitasking facility. You have to restart the entire game from the beginning if you have to attend an urgent call on your iphone. You have to again begin the game and you will loose all the points.  This is the issue of this game that is frustrating.  But this issue is common in many other games of Android also. Except for this inability (which is a major factor) the game Ever lands is wonderful.

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