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The Short Version:

ContourHD wearable 1080p camcorder is the piece you need when a full sized camera is just not practical. Its fit for rugged outdoor use, and the kind of equipment you would take along to a cover an activity oriented or sporting event. Not quite for the professional but the enthusiast will love this. He or she better be enthusiastic as $ 330 be will spent despite skew and compression on a fast roll.

Still images are of more than sufficient  quality to catch your adventures on camera and  display on the social network of your choice.

All sorts of crazy things can be done with this camera. You can ride on a bike or a skateboard and have this camera on the roll; the variety of mounts this camera comes with lends itself to these situations. It can even be taped onto a shoe and catch all sorts of crazy footage as you walk around the park or the mall. No worries about spills and splashes, remember it is water –proof. It actually can be fixed to the foot as it is small and being lightweight it can be taped onto almost anything. The compact casting could invite more adventurous usage if one could think of it.

As equipment goes, to try crazier stuff a sticky mount is available for affixing to a helmet, or a car hood. The toughie on this is that it skews when you attempt a fast moving video. In terms of uniqueness, an attachment that can be fixed to a goggle strap is available. However it will take both a good mind and a good bit of time to figure the fixing out. For further costs there are further attachments available. With only limited camera options available for consideration the ContourHD camera is not intuitive so you have to be innovative.

Build and usability:

As seen from the pictures it is small. Look at the size comparisons provided to help you with this. The weight is 4.3 ounces so you can believe, that it can be taped to a shoe and will not peel off. It is insufficiently heavy for this to happen. Best described as good for semi-rugged use as there is aluminum on the outside and it is sturdy, but not quite rugged. To enhance water resistance the lens has a plastic protective cover over it. The rear door is easily handled as it only has the power button with the record slider above it. This can be speedily popped out and changed to the MicroSD card.

Video quality

There are mixed reviews for the video quality of the ContourHD wearable 1080p camcorder. It maxes out at 1080 resolution. Yet the quality of the video is surprisingly good. Specially the more serene moments. Pity there is no LCD to really frame the shots. At fast motion do not be surprised if the video is jellied up somewhat. All said and done the ContourHD wearable 1080p camcorder is indeed useful and a handy fun camera for the enthusiastic adventurer.

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