Dexim P-Flip Foldable Power Dock


Dexim P-Flip Foldable Power Dock

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Extremely versatile this Dexim P-Flip Foldable Power Dock can function as an equal parts battery backup and dock for the iPhone which can sit nicely on the desk as an accessory. It could also double up as a portable companion when travelling. At $ 55 that’s not a bad device to have and to hold.


The success of the iPhone has bred a million of accessories and complimentary products.  It is not easy to make a name for your self in such a competitive scenario of products and devices crying out to be purchased. The best option to be successful is to meet a combination of needs while making the solution a simple one for the general iPhone user, and to do it at a reasonable price. In the case of the Dexim P-Flip Foldable Power Dock a portable back up battery has been combined with a handy iPhone Dock at a reasonable price. This product can be an exciting option to some who are looking for versatility in the devices they possess and carry around. The price of $ 55 for two accessories though it is really one, is attractive. This product should find a good market amongst the iPhone users who travel extensively.

Compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS and the total iPod range the dock is useful. Enhancing the normal capacity of an iPhone battery to 1.5 times the original, the 2000mAh pack gives you some good utility from the dock. A complete charge of the iPhone 3 GS takes about one and a half hours on the Dexim P-Flip Foldable Power Dock.

Dexim’s claim of usage time on a full charge appears accurate. The claim to be precise is for 8 hours of talk time, video time extending to15hours, gaming also at 15hours and the music time at a whopping 60 hours. Since placing the device on airplane mode cuts off all data connections, the number of hours that music could play non-stop was checked out on airplane mode. It played non-stop form Friday evening till Monday morning, which is just about 60 hours.

Today, every device has to look good, be packable in a jiffy and be versatile to be used on the move. That’s other than the core function the device might be intended for. In an age where everything also needs to be foldable the dock folds down to make it a travel companion, which can be re charged using a mini-USB. Should you dock your phone while its on charge the iTunes will begin a synchronization operation, which is useful indeed.

The downer in this whole charging thing is that if you are using a protective case the charging cannot be done simultaneously. As many backup batteries sell at $ 50, the price of $ 55 inclusive of the docking option is reasonable.

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