How Can Technology Help SMB Owners Increase Customer Loyalty?


Today, it is not just enough to acquire a customer and hope that he will keep coming back to your business. We are living in a world of customer centric marketing where personalization and communication go a long way to win customer loyalty and retention.

To begin with, repeat buyers are likely to spend 33% more than a new buyer.

82% of organizations say retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring a new one.

But how exactly do you engage and retain your customers in this age of smartphones and ever increasing competition?

The answer lies in making a perfect customer loyalty app. More than half of the world uses smartphones, and if you don’t have an app you are missing out on a lot!

How Can Technology Help SMB Owners Increase Customer Loyalty?

In fact, your business is more likely to suffer, as 66% of companies who do not have an app witnessed reduction in customer loyalty.

Benefits of Customer Engagement and Increasing Loyalty

When you can engage your customers the right way, they keep coming back to your business and also spend more than new customers. Loyal customers on average are worth up to 10 times the value of their initial purchase.

  • Customers who are “fully engaged” offer a premium of 23% over an average customer in profits and revenue
  • The retained customers are 50% more likely to go for new products
  • The lack of a mobile app discourages 7% millennial customers to go back to their favorite brands
  • Brand engagement is likely to convert 62% millennials to loyal customers

The list of benefit is endless! But the ultimate result of customer engagement is increased revenues, a big pool of loyal customers and a reputable brand image that cannot be easily deterred. Even a 5% increase in customer retention through engagement is enough to increase the profits of a company by 25% to 95%.

To implement successful customer loyalty programs you have to use the right tools; in this case it involves using the best and most comprehensive mobile loyalty app solution that is out there- flok!

How can flok help you Engage Customers?

Designed for small business owners, flok is packed with useful features and functions to boost customer loyalty and retention. It helps you provide an enriched customer experience, making communication with customers more personal and direct.

Through the app, you can engage your customers through various ways, including providing rewards, running campaigns, sending push notifications and so on.

You can learn from techniques that have been utilized by more than 100K businesses using flok for their successful customer loyalty campaigns-

Customizable Digital Punch Cards

You can easily reward your repeat customers and keep them coming back to your business through loyalty punch cards. There is no need to carry any physical card- the punch card app is updated with punches at the time of checkout directly on the customer’s mobile phones.

Be it a free muffin or discount on new products, it is very easy to customize your digital punch card. You can also measure your ROI from the analytics provided by the solution.

Push Notifications

56% of customers cite personalized incentives as a major factor for brand preference.

You can send personalized rewards and messages to the members of your club any time you want using push notifications. It is great to send them some loyalty rewards on their birthdays or notify about the arrival of new products.

Social Media Integration

62% millennials are more likely to convert to loyal customers when a brand engages with them on social media.

The power of social media is integrated with flok and you can easily link all your accounts in a jiffy. You can share your loyalty club updates on social media platforms with an easy click. New customers are also attracted when your club members check-in to your business on their social profiles.

Membership Club

The membership club of the loyalty app is a great place to communicate and keep in touch with your customers.

The app also allows the option of directly communicating with the consumers on their phone and through chat which can also be automated. It is perfect for listening to your customers and responding to their feedback which is an important step in customer retention-

97% consumers are likely to convert to loyal customers if their feedback is considered.

Proximity Marketing

Through the use of a beacon, you can greet and reward your customers the moment they walk in through your doors.

The compact wireless device sends out a customized greeting message straight to the mobile device of the customers, and also auto checks-in on their behalf- a perfect way to delight your customers and let them know about current offers!

Strong Analytics

The analytics provided by the app helps you keep track of all your customers and their activities. You can use the app or the dashboard on your desktop for easy customer management.

The flok network will also help you win new customers by targeting the wide demographics available on it with rewards or incentives. It is also very easy to set up for business owners.

Just download the app, complete your profile and fill in business details, and link the social media platforms. Your presence on flok is enough to give you greater visibility and a wide pool of prospective customers.

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