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Build Your Custom Website Using Artificial Intelligence With Wix


If your business isn’t out there on the internet, you’re probably missing on a major part of your target audience. As much as 84% of individuals in the E.U. use the internet regularly.

Making a website for your business, however, is a difficult task. Hiring professional developers, specifying your needs, making and then maintaining a website is a huge task and requires a lot of time and patience. However, there is one solution that’ll give you a custom website ready in a matter of minutes!

Wix, the online website builder platform has launched an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tool that allows you create a custom website for your business automatically. The tool could potentially save businesses and individual professionals tons of time in building and maintaining websites due to its unique and user-based properties.

Build Your Custom Website Using Artificial Intelligence With Wix

What is Artificial Design Intelligence?

The ADI tool, developed and created by multiple AI engineers at Wix, focuses on combining the aspects of website design and content creation into an artificial intelligence method that gives you a functioning website in a matter of minutes.

Wix’ ADI has decade’s worth of data in its store that helps it to build a website that is focused on the needs of the user. The idea behind this tool IS to help non-developers build a fully functioning website by themselves, and only worry about maintaining it.

How does ADI work?

The process of creating a website with the help of Wix’ ADI is by answering a few questions about the kind of website you want and the functionalities that you are looking for. The questions are:

  • What will the website be used for?
  • Do you need any special features or capabilities? (For example, an online store, appointment booking capability or a blog.)
  • What is the name of your business?
  • Where is the business located?
  • What design style do you want?

Wix then builds a custom website from the millions of combinations available on its website, also taking the help of pre-stored information for content creation. The website that you get in return is made especially according to your needs, and is fully functioning upon the same.

But if you’re not satisfied with one or many details with what you’ve received, you can also modify and edit the template of the same whenever you want.

For example, if a restaurateur wants a website of his own, he may have to answer questions like the name of the restaurant, the location, the kind of features they want on the website and design of their preference.

The ADI tool, then, along with the gathered information will also look at the previous restaurant websites to get an idea of how things work and what all may be required to produce the same. Depending on the information it gathers, it may also suggest a few changes and then, create a custom made a website for your business.

Feature of the ADI by Wix

  • Every website is unique: When you want a website for your business, it will indeed be crucial for you that your website does not end up looking like the same as someone else’s. Thus, the ADI goes through billions of templates before choosing one for you, so that you get an utterly unique experience. The artificial intelligence of the tool plays a major role here, as it learns more about your needs as it progresses, thus, giving you the exact experience in terms of design and content that you need.
  • You get content from everywhere: Since ADI is a tool and not a user itself, its ability to gather content isn’t just limited to the person asking for the website. The ADI tool will be able to go through the internet, read about the kind of content the website needs, and provide it to you.
  • Choose what you want to place: Though the website created by the ADI is unique in its true sense, it may not hit off with many of its clients. Thus, if you don’t like the way your website appears, you can customise everything over there. You can change the themes, the colour scheme, text, and photos of anybody.

How does it help businesses?

Large businesses are capable of hiring professional designers who can design a whole website for their company with numerous features available online. However, most small business owners either don’t have an online presence, or don’t have a good one. Their websites are also poorly maintained, given the lack of staff and resources required for one.

However, a tool like Wix’ ADI can largely help them tackle the problem by offering them a self-made well-functioning website in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, the website is completely customizable depending on if you like your design or not. The tool also allows you to add and delete many features depending on how you’ll use them. Small businesses end up saving a lot on their budget, which they can then use elsewhere.

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