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In the present time, the ecommerce website has become almost a necessity. It provides businesses a purpose solving approach as the entire trade and commerce is brought down to just a click of the mouse. However a lot of corporate organizations have picked up the trend of ecommerce website development and thus, if you wish to obtain nice returns from your ecommerce portal, you have come to the write post. Below are given 6 top most effective web based tools and ideas which you can use to effectively market your ecommerce website. Have a look to know more:

1. Register your online store at eBay and Amazon –

ebay and Amazon, both are the giants when it comes to ecommerce website. However, now you have the liberty to gain from their phenomenal success stories. You can easily give your ecommerce store a kick start by registering on eBay and Amazon. You can demonstrate your product pages on these ecommerce web portals and customize the look of same.

2. Directory submissions and search engine submissions –

Directory and search engine submissions are a popular way to increase the visibility and popularity of your ecommerce store. You may start with the major directories like Alta Vista, Webcrawler, Excite, Lycos, Yahoo, and Infoseek etc. It is important that you choose those directories and search engines that correspond to the products and services that you are selling. After the directory submission is done, you may also submit your website to various search engines.

3. The benefits of E-mail marketing –

Email marketing is a really easy way to reach out to the expected customers in a really short while. If you have a popular website, you must have a loyal customer base who must have left their email addresses and would remain to be in touch for further services. Thus benefit from the same and gain from email marketing. At the time of new discount scheme or offer, send emails to your clients. You can also opt for acquiring HTML based emails for superior quality emails, which are web dynamic and fully functional. However, you must also make sure that you do not send the emails in bulk, as that will only result in your email id and all the emails from your account being marked as spam.

4. Use banners to effectively advertise online –

if you are not restricted by the budget constraint, you must also consider adverts on such sites which are offering the similar products and services as you yours. You can go about the same, either by purchasing the banner space from the sites that you have selected or you can hire a web advertising agency to take care of the same. Another cost effective alternative lies in utilizing banner exchange, such as Link Exchange for banner advertising.

5. Include the URL to your website in each and every collateral possible –

this is an effective way of promoting or publicizing your online store. You can combine the ecommerce store with other marketing collaterals, such as you can print the URL of the website on your business cards, flyers advertisements, in the stationery items that you use to promote your business etc. make sure to only provide the basic URL and keep the URL really simple for others to get acquainted with.

6. Always keep your ecommerce portal updated –

this is the best way to ensure the optimum performance of your online store. If you keep the content on your ecommerce portal, the website will remain a favorite of search engines and will deliver a better performance.

Following these 6 will contribute a great deal towards marketing the ecommerce website effectively on the virtual world.

Mark Wilston is a Content Writer and marketing professional working with (a reputed Web & Mobile Application development company). He loves to read and write different blogs related to web design and technologies. Contributing in a blog post aids him spreading the words online with a new set of people.

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